when does golf season end

When Does Golf Season End?

Golf has been a notably popular sport for over a century. It’s a great pastime and a competitive sport that has millions of fans all over the world.

However, there’s an issue inherent to the fact that golf is an outdoor sport. The issue is that the availability of golf courses is highly dependent on the weather.

This begs the question, when does golf season end?

The end of golf season varies depending on the region and its respective climate. In the United States, golf season ends in October/November in the North and the Midwest. But in Southern states, golf season is all year round!

Read on to find out more about when golf season ends in your state, as well as in other parts of the world. You can also find useful information about the PGA tour schedule in this guide.

When Does Golf Season End in the United States?

The US is virtually an entire continent, so the climate conditions vary greatly across the country.

Since golf is an outdoor sport, whether or not you can play it at a given time of the year is strictly dependent on the weather conditions. Therefore, there’s no fixed window for the start and end of golf season that applies to the entire country.

Golf Season in Northern States

In the Northern part of the country, golf season typically has a 7-month window ending in fall. It usually ends in October, but in some cases, golf season can extend to November.

This is more likely to happen in Midwestern states like Iowa and Illinois as opposed to Northern states with frigid weather such as Minnesota.

Generally speaking, golf season ends as soon as the early signs of winter start showing in the form of heavy rain and moderate snow.

Golf Season in Southern States

On the sunnier side of the country, golf season doesn’t have an end! States such as California and Texas enjoy weather that’s suitable for golf all year long.

However, there might be days when the weather is too hot for hitting the links. Moreover, when hurricanes or storms strike, it’s obviously not advised to practice any outdoor activities

Why Does Golf Season Matter?

You may be wondering if golf season has any significance in an official capacity. The answer is yes, it does.

The official golf season in every state is determined by the USGA (the governing body of golf in the country) and its constituent sub-associations.

In order for any scores you achieve to be recognized by these organizations, they need to have been achieved during the time frame deemed official by them. Any scores achieved outside the official golf season of a given state aren’t eligible in the eyes of the USGA.

When Does Golf Season End in Canada?

In neighboring Canada, golf season is virtually identical to that in the USA’s northern states. This is because Canada has very similar weather to that region.

Golf season in Canada ends on the final days of October. This is when the snow starts to settle in, rendering golf courses unplayable.

The exact date for the end of golf season is determined by the RCGA (the Canadian counterpart of the USGA). The RCGA also only recognizes scores submitted during the official golf season.

When Does Golf Season End in Europe?

You may be wondering when golf season ends across the pond. In a similar fashion to the USA, the answer to that question depends on where you are in the continent.

Northern European countries and Scandinavia have harsh winters that are full of snow and ice. Therefore, such countries share the same golf season as the Northern and Midwestern United States.

On the other hand, Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Italy, and Greece are more in line with the Southern region of the US. Such countries have golf seasons that last virtually all year long.

When Does Golf Season End in Australia?

While golf season is cut short in most parts of the world due to the cold and ice that comes with winter, Australia is on the other side of the coin.

In the land down under, it’s the summer months that are often not well suited for hitting the golf course due to the extreme heat.

However, golf courses don’t close during the summer; they’re open to the public, and those who don’t mind the blazing temperatures are free to use them.

In cities with cool summers, such as Port Macquarie, you will experience no issues playing golf all year long.

When Does the PGA Tour End?

So far, we’ve discussed when golf season ends for casual and semi-pro golfers. Now let’s dive into when golf season ends for professionals playing at the highest level of the sport.

The PGA Tour is the biggest and most important pro golf event out there, and it has been for almost a century. Each season consists of 30 tournaments that are played over the course of just under a year.

The 2021-22 PGA tour started on September 13th, 2021, with the Fortinet Championship, and will end on August 28th, 2022, with the conclusion of the FedEx cup playoffs.

It’s worth pointing out that the location of each tournament in the PGA tour is chosen carefully to ensure that when the time for the event comes, golf season is in full swing in its location.

In Summary

The window of golf season during the year isn’t a single size that fits all. Depending on where you are, you’ll be able to play golf at different times of the year.

Some places, such as the Southern United States, Australia, and Southern Europe, have golf seasons that span the entire year. This is due to their sunny summers and moderate winters.

Golf season in other regions such as Northern Europe, Canada, and the Northern states of the US typically ends in November at the latest.

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