what size golf grips do I need

What Size Golf Grips Do I Need?

Every golfer knows the importance of a well-fitting golf grip. Having the right size grips helps in reducing tension and increasing comfort.

Seeing as controlling your golf club is all about the grip, you’re probably wondering, “What size golf grips do I need?”

It might take you months and multiple different grips to figure out which grips are most suitable for you. To help you avoid this hassle, we’re going to cover all you need to know about picking the perfect golf grips, so stick around!

What Size Golf Grips Do I Need?

There are four options to pick from as far as golf grip sizes: standard, undersize, midsize, and jumbo. As for younger golfers, there’s only one size of grips available: junior golf grips.

You can simply select a couple of sizes that fit and play a round or two wearing them. This way, you’ll figure out the most comfortable golf grips for you, regardless of size.

Commonly, undersize golf grips are perfect for women, while the standard will fit most average men. However, there are other ways you can determine your grip size. You can either use your glove size or measure your hands.

Golf Grips and Hand Size

Your hand size is what determines the golf grip size. Naturally, if you have larger hands, you’ll need larger golf grips. You can easily measure your hands to determine the right golf grips for you.

Simply use a measuring tape and measure from the tip of your middle finger to the crease of your wrist.

  • 5″ to 6.5″: Undersize
  • 6″ to 7.5″: Standard
  • 6″ to 9″: Midsize
  • 1″ to 10″: Jumbo

Golf Grips Size Chart

Another way to determine your golf grips’ size is by comparing them to your gloves. If you have a pair of gloves that fit perfectly, picking an equivalent pair of golf grips would be fairly easy.

  • Women’s sizes S, M, or L: Undersize
  • Men’s size S: Undersize
  • Men’s size M or M/L: Standard
  • Men’s size L or XL: Midsize
  • Men’s size XXL or XXXL: Jumbo

In-Between Sizes

A problem commonly encountered by golfers is that they fall in between sizes. This means they might find the standard size too small, but the midsize too big.

In this case, golfers may benefit from using tape. You can build up your golf grips by using extra layers of tape underneath. This makes for firmer, but comfortable grips.

Generally, you’ll need four layers of tape to size up your golf grips. Pro golfers usually only tape the lower half of their grips.

Keep in mind that using tape will stretch your golf grips over time, so this trick should be saved if your golf grips have naturally stretched or if you need extra support. Otherwise, shopping around is ideal until you find the perfect pair of golf grips.

Why Golf Grips Are So Important

Golf is a challenging sport, and serious golfers will do anything to reduce their strokes. This is where golf grips are crucial.

It might seem insignificant compared to golf heads and shafts, but wearing the right-sized golf grips can enhance your game exponentially!

Your swing is determined by your golf grips, as they’re literally the only thing between you and your golf clubs.

A comfortable pair of golf grips ensures the most efficient energy transfer between you and your golf clubs. The material is also essential. Golf grips need to be quite firm so your club won’t slip, and to absorb shocks.

They need to have some tackiness as well. This way you won’t need to put too much pressure on the club, making for a smoother swing.

You might’ve figured out what size golf grips fit you perfectly, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best for your game. A lot of golfers find that sizing up or down is more comfortable for them.

In fact, you’ll rarely find two golfers with the same hand size wearing the same size of golf grips. After all, each golfer has their own unique technique, with different pressures and forms.

Wearing too-small golf grips will put too much strain on your hands. Your club could also twist, which will likely cause you to lose control of your swing.

Oversized golf grips, on the other hand, can have some perks. These grips are good for golfers with joint conditions. Also, they can help with control and give you a firmer grip on your clubs.

As your golf grips wear out, they might become slippery, loose, or less firm. So, as hard as it may be to let go of and replace your favorite pair of grips, it’s important to do so if you notice them wearing out.

In Summary

Wearing a well-fitted pair of golf grips is a tip that’s often neglected or forgotten, which is quite baffling considering grips can have a significant impact on a game of golf. After all, golf grips are the only parts of your equipment that actually touch your skin.

Golf grips can help you control your golf club and reduce your stroke count. They reduce tension and pressure while maintaining your comfort. So, it’s essential for your golf grips to feel right, even if you typically wear a different size.

You can determine your golf grips’ size simply by measuring your hands or through your gloves’ size. You can also tape the lower part of your golf grips if you fall in-between sizes.

Don’t forget to regularly swap your golf grips. Even if you’ve had the perfect pair of golf grips for ages, over time, your golf grips will start to wear out, which can compromise your game.

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