How Tall Is a Golf Cart? What You Should Know

Owning a golf cart is pretty cool. It helps commute the players and their heavy gear easily through the golf course terrains.

Golf carts come in various designs, colors, and sizes. They usually have the same width, but when it comes to height, golf carts tend to vary slightly. This begs the question, how tall is a golf cart?

The height of an average golf cart ranges from 69 to 78 inches with the canopy in place. However, it can increase by installing a lift kit.

Keep reading to learn more about golf cart height and why it’s essential to measure it.

How Tall Is a Golf Cart?

The height of a golf cart is measured from the ground to the cart’s highest point. For a roofless golf cart, the highest point is the top of the steering wheel. Similarly, the highest point of a golf cart with a canopy is up to the surface of the cart’s roof.

Almost all golf carts have a width of 48 inches, but they have varying lengths depending on the number of seats. When it comes to height, golf carts usually differ according to the manufacturer and the model.

Height of Yamaha Golf Carts

Here’s a table of some of the latest Yamaha golf cart models and their heights:

Model Name Height (w Canopy) Height (w/o Canopy)
Yamaha UMAX 1 & 2 EFI 74.02 in 48.54 in
UMAX Rally 2+2 77.20 in 57.48 in
UMAX Bistro 71.81 in 48.54 in
Drive 2 – Fleet 70.0 in N/A
Drive 2 – PTV 70.0 in N/A
Concierge 4 75.2 in 48.1 in
Concierge 6 75.2 in 46.9 in
Adventurer Sport 2+2 N/A 50.0 in
Adventurer Super Hauler N/A 48.8 in

Height of E-Z-GO Golf Carts

The following table shows the heights of some of the latest E-Z-GO golf cart models:

Model Name Height (w Canopy) Height (w/o Canopy)
Express L6 83.0 in 55.5 in
Express L6 Elite 83.0 in 55.5 in
Express S2 / S2 Elite 74.4 in 51.0 in
Express S4 Elite 82.0 in 52.0 in
Express S6 / S6 Elite 74.5 in 51.0 in
Freedom RXV / RXV 2+2 / RXV Fleet 70 in 47.5 in
Freedom RXV Elite 67.5 in 47.5 in
Freedom TXT Elite 68.5 in 47.0 in
Liberty / Liberty Fleet 78 in 54.5 in

Height of Club Car Golf Carts

Here’s a table that shows how tall some of the most recent Club Car golf cart models are:

Model Name Height
Precedent / Precedent Stretch PTV 69 in
XRT 950 4×4 or 4×2 76 in
Onward 2 Passenger Gas / Electric 71 in
Onward 4 Passenger Gas / Electric 71 in
Precedent 6 Passenger Limo 77 in
XRT 850 SE 6 Passenger Limo 77 in
Tempo 68.5 in
Tempo Lithium-ion 68.5 in

Why Is It Important To Know How Tall a Golf Cart Is?

Many factors influence the varying dimensions of different golf carts. These include the cart’s carrying capacity, weight, and engine type.

As a result, it’s highly recommended to check the golf cart’s dimensions before purchasing it for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is storage. It’s really crucial to know if the golf cart you want to buy will fit into the storage space you have available.

If the golf cart is too high or has a lift kit installed on it, it might not fit into a standard golf cart garage. It might not even fit into your own home garage.

Additionally, a golf cart that’s too high may have some problems traveling over different terrains, like hills. On the other hand, a golf cart that’s too low will have some trouble traveling through water or deep sand.

Make sure to take every factor into consideration when measuring the golf cart you’re purchasing.

Golf Cart Lift Kit

A golf cart lift kit has specially engineered parts that get installed on your golf cart with the intent to increase its height. Golf cart lift kits provide an additional 3–8 inches of ground clearance.

Ground clearance is the measurement from the ground to the lowest part of your golf cart, which is typically around 4.5 inches.


  • The bigger the ground clearance, the better the chances to install larger tires. Consequently, it’ll increase your golf cart’s ability to navigate through and over rough terrains when going off-road.
  • You won’t have to worry about rocks, stumps, and other obstacles damaging your cart.
  • It’ll allow your golf cart to go faster than regular ones, which saves more time. However, it’s not beneficial from a safety point of view.


  • Not all golf carts are fit for lifting because with higher ground clearance comes bigger tires. This may strain the engine or motorof your golf cart, especially when climbing inclines with passengers aboard. This might eventually cause damage to the vehicle.
  • Increasing the golf cart height will alter its proportions, making it more prone to rolling or tumbling over, which is really risky. So, you’ll need to be more careful than normal when driving your altered golf cart.
  • You should also consider the passengers using the golf cart before installing a lift kit. It could be challenging for old people as well as small children to get in or out of the golf cart.
  • A golf cart that’s too tall might be hard to get through the entrance of your house garage.

What Affects the Dimensions of a Golf Cart?

When designing golf carts, manufacturers are restrained by a specific range of measurements. The proportions of a golf cart depend on many factors, including but not limited to, the carrying capacity and the engine’s strength.

That said, those specific measurements don’t limit the ability to provide golf carts with various designs, colors, and accessories.


When you play golf frequently, having a golf cart comes in handy. You can also use the cart for a variety of other purposes. Although it could seem like too much at first, once you figure out all the little details, it’s going to be a breeze.

It’s essential to know how tall you want your golf cart to be. So, taking measurements as well as weighing out the pros and cons before deciding to install a lift kit to your golf cart is crucial.

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