What Size Golf Glove Do I Need? Tips For Finding The Right Fit

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, a glove that fits well on your hand can do wonders for how well you grasp the club. This results in better swings, aiming, and countless birdies.

Finding the perfect fit, however, is a little daunting. So daunting to the extent that more than half the golfers are wearing improper sizes for their hands.

After going through the points here, hopefully, you won’t be part of that figure. So, let’s get to answering “What Size Golf Glove Do I Need?”.

How To Find My Size of Gloves?

First things first, let’s tackle the factors that change the glove size. These are the 1) length of the middle finger and 2) circumference of the widest part of the palm. Golf glove sizes are gender-specific, so the fit would change whether it’s designed to be worn by a man or a woman.

Bear in mind, though, that the sizes are there for directional purposes, and to give you an idea of how snug or baggy the glove would be with the corresponding dimensions.

Men Sizes


Palm/Middle Finger 2.95 in 3 in 3.13 in 3.21 in 3.31 in 3.41 in 3.5  in+
7.36 in S M
7.6 in S S M / ML
7.82 in S M M ML
8.03 in S M M ML ML L L
8.25 in S M ML ML L L XL
8.46 in M ML L L XL XL
8.65 in ML L L XL XL XXL
8.9 in + L XL XL XXL XXL


Women Sizes


Palm/Middle Finger 2.56 in 2.7 in 2.95 in 3 in 3.13 in
6.93 in S S S M L
7.15 in S S M M L
7.36 in M M M M L
7.6 in L L L L L


Kid Sizes


Palm Size
6.3 in S
6.7 in M
7 in L


Note: S = Small, M = Medium, ML = Medium Large, L = Large

How Can I Ensure Better Sizing?

  • Try a smaller size first if you find yourself falling between two different sizes.
  • If the figures of the palm width and middle finger length are far off, try a cadet glove.
  • You might opt for trial and error of multiple sizes, especially if there’s more than a 2-digit difference between your palm width and middle finger length.
  • Don’t disregard trying on women’s gloves if you’re a man and vice versa, sometimes their fit can be much more suited to your hand shape.
  • Make sure to try on the glove before purchase to make sure it fits properly.
  • You may want to run regular checks on your glove size as it can change with time.

What’s The Difference Between Regular and Cadet Size Gloves?

There’s a special fit when it comes to golfing gloves called cadet sizing. This fit is designated for people with wider palms and shorter fingers.

If you’re wondering whether you should wear cadet fits or not, here are the two tell-tale signs:

  • Your fingers tend to swell during golf rounds.
  • You find yourself with extra space or material at the top of your fingers when wearing regular-sized gloves. However, if you size down, you don’t get a quarter of your velcro exposed.

What Does the Wear On Your Gloves Tell You About Your Game Technique?

Unbeknownst to you, your glove could be trying to communicate what your game technique is like and how you can improve it. You can tell so by the wear on the glove, especially if you notice it before it’s time to find new gloves.

Wear Around the Palm

If your hands are slipping during your swings, you’re probably not holding the club with your fingers and instead using your palms.

Wear Around the Heel

This could mean that you’re either 1) holding the club too close to the end or 2) gripping again when you’re at the top of your swing. Make sure that you grip the club around an inch away from the end.

Wear Around the Thumb

You should point your left thumb a little to the right for enhanced backswings that feel more natural. However, this kind of wear means that you’re extending your thumb down the shaft a little more than necessary.

How Long Do Golf Gloves Last?

Typically, golf gloves would last from 8 to 12 rounds, depending on how well the player grips their club. A good way of extending your gloves’ lifespan is to rotate between multiple options, which gives each pair more time to dry.

What Are Some of the Best Golf Glove Recommendations?

If you’re wondering what the best golf gloves on the market are, here are a couple of recommendations.

1. Titleist Players Flex

This one is an all-time favorite by pros and golf savants. Titleist is known for its quality when it comes to golf gear, and this Cabretta leather glove serves to show why. It’s very durable and is available in sizes S to XXL.

2. FootJoy Weathersof

If you want a pair to practice with and don’t want to waste good gloves, the Weathersof option will do you quite well. They’re made of a combination of Cabretta leather and synthetic fabric. While the added thickness helps preserve the gloves, it might make your sensation of the club a little limited due to the extra padding.

3. FootJoy StaSof

The StaSof is an excellent choice if you’ve noticed wear on your gloves every which way. This pair is extremely durable, with Cabretta leather and mesh lining the major knuckles. Add to that, it’s available in sizes from S to XXXL.

4. Callaway Dawn Patrol

If you want a high-quality option but you’re a little tight on budget, the Callaway Dawn Patrol will be an ideal choice for you. While its perforation isn’t the best, it still provides you with great value for the price and is available in sizes from S to XXL.

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