Is It Worth Buying A Golf Cart?

A golf cart also known as a buggy is a gas or electric vehicle that is used to transport golfers around the course. They are typically designed for two people, but you will find that 4 and 6 seat is also common.

The cost of a golf cart average between $8,000 and $9,000. Of course you can get golf carts for lower than that such as for $3,000, but those are often used vehicles. On the other hand, you may find carts for $20,000 on the higher end that comes with a ton of add-on features like windshields, mirrors, gps system and more.

Due to the costliness of the golf cart, many players want to know if it’s worth the money?

Here are 8 reasons why a golf cart is in fact worth the price:

Why A Golf Cart Is Worth The Money

1. It Saves Time and Energy

On average a golfer walks 3 to 6 miles when playing 18 holes depending on the length of the course. They can burn a lot of calories when doing this. While walking the golf course is good exercise, having a golf cart will save you a lot of time and energy needed that you can use to make your golf strokes.

Not to mention, golfers have to carry around their clubs and irons in a golf bag strapped to their back which may cause a lot of strain if there is too much equipment in the bag. A golf cart will provide the storage you need to transport your clubs from one end of the court to the other with less effort and zero hassle.

There is space at the back of every golf cart that you can place your bags. You will place it into the slots on the back of the golf cart but make sure the buckle is set to open position. Once you place the bag on the cart, bring the strap around and insert the strap under the buckle. Pull the strap tight in order to secure your bag in place, and then press buckle closed. You are now ready to head out on the course.

2. Easy To Drive

Golf carts are pretty easy to drive and can even be used as a test run to get teens familarize and comfortable with driving before they actually drive a real car.

Driving a golf cart is similar to driving a car as they both feature steering, using the gas and break, checking mirrors and using turn signals. As a result, a driver’s license is usually required to operate and drive these vehicles. Unskilled and unauthorized persons driving a golf cart will sometimes meet in an accident as the golf cart can topple over if they don’t know what they are doing.

Some golf courses tend to have high terrain and uneven surfaces which makes it easier for the cart to flip over.

Nevertheless, The light weight of the golf cart, as well the low top end speed combined with its small size makes it one of the easiest vehicles to drive.

Useful resource: How to drive a golf cart

3. Golf Carts Have GPS Tracking System

The GPS tracking system in a golf cart will provide helpful and real time location information for everyone to see. That includes for players, golf course owners and managers. The GPS tracking system will deliver important alerts to players as an effiient way of instant communication.

The GPS tracking tags are usually installed onto the cart or clipped onto the golf bag. This will better help to track and monitor the pace of play of a golf match.

Tagmarshal is one of the best GPS systems used for pace-of-play managment. It comes with a lot of benefits and works with virtually any cart type whether gas or electric. This solution comes in 7 or 10 inches high resolution screen, durable, and are water and dust resistant. Some of the features include

  • Operational oversight and pace of play management
  • geofencing to protect sensitive course areas
  • Player safety and weather warnings
  • Two way communicatoin
  • Food and beverage front end

As you can see, A GPS tracking system comes in handy for any player or course manager and it makes the game more enjoyable. This is another great reason why it’s worth buying a golf cart.

4. Golf Carts Are Electrically Powered

The benefits of driving an electric golf cart are numerous and are the most popular option for golfer and course managers. Unlike a gas powered golf cart, an electric golf cart will produce no emmission which is better for the environment. They are usually super quiet and are slightly less costly. They are cheaper because you don’t have to pay for expensive gas as all you need to do is recharge the electric cart using a charger. The average cost it takes to recharge an electric cart $0.12 per hour.

Not to mention, electric golf carts are super easy to maintain because they have fewer moving parts compared to a gas powered golf cart. Electric golf carts are also very versatile and can be used in indoor settings such as in a ware house. This means they are not only designed for use on a golf course.

The quietness of the electric golf cart vehicle along with the low emmisisons and low cost makes it worth buying.

5. Great Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of a golf cart can go to 10 years or more depending on how well you maintain the vehicle and the amount of investment you pour into it.

For mileage, electric golf carts that are fully charged can get you about 35 miles, whereas gas powered carts have between 5 and 6 gallon tanks and get about 40 miles to the gallon.

There are certain things you can do to preserve the life expectancy of your golf cart. That includes:

  • Cleaning the connections in your batteries
  • Checking the water levels in your batteries regulalry
  • When not in use, charge your golf cart batteries
  • Avoid driving the cart if there is mechanical or system issues
  • Let a professional spot check and service your vehicle at least once a year.
  • Avoid overloading your golf cart as you don’t want to place too much strain on the parts.
  • Watch for oil leaks to avoid sustaining any serious damage to the vehicle
  • Inspect the breaks of the vehicle
  • Check the air pressure in yor tyres and fill them up when they are low on air

6. Golf Carts Have Canopy To Protect You From The Rain Or Sun

A golf cart canopy is a cover or enclosure that protect your vehicle from harsh UV rays, rain, snow or ice. It doesn’t only protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions, but it keeps you dry on rainy days and protect your skin from the glaring sun on hot dry days.

Although some golf carts don’t come with a roof, many manfacturers are now building them with the vehicle. You can even install your own canopy or roof to the golf cart using the supporting brackets.

They come in many different colors but the most common ones are white or cream. Or, you can simply install one that matches the color of your vehicle.

7. Easily Upgradeable

Golf carts are actually one of the most easiest vehicles to upgrade because the parts are so inexpensive and simple. Whether you want to install attractive lighting, add more seating, or increase the speed of yor vehicle, you can definitely get those done to your golf cart.


Increasing the speed of the golf cart is by far the most popular upgrade that golfers look into. The average speed of a golf cart is between 12 and 14 miles per hour. With an upgrade, you can increase that to 25 miles per hour or more. To increase the speed, the motor is usually replaced with a high speed/torque upgraded electric motor. Just note that this could cost you around $1,000 and that it might be illegal to drive golf carts at above 25 miles per hour on the street.

Some other upgrades you can do to make your golf cart faster include:

  • Add better golf cart tyres (Heavy duty)
  • Use a high powered golf cart battery
  • Add more torque to your golf cart
  • Improve the high speed controller of the cart

8. Golf Carts Are Multi Purpose

Some people think that golf carts are only used on a golf course, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. While golf carts are great for getting around the course, they are actually useful for many other activities too. For example, they can be used to run errands on the road like grocery store runs, going coffee or picking up fastfood, or even dropping your kids off to school.

Not all communities makes it legal to drive your golf cart on the road, so check with them to make sure.

Apart from running errands, golf carts are great for yard work. If you have any heavy equipment needed to complete your work, the golf cart can easily haul it. The golf cart can get you quickly to where you need to go and saves you a lot of energy on the job.

Whether you are doing landscaping, or carrying around heavy equipment, a golf cart can come in handy.

Some other functions of a golf cart includes running a vendor business where you can set up and sell your goods in a down town area. These could be anything from food or beverage or cool items you wish to display on your cart.

Final Verdict

Due to the multi purpose use of a golf cart, we can definitely say that it is worth the cost. You don’t have to buy a golf cart just for driving around the golf course. Farmers could find a golf cart useful as it helps to haul feed around the farm. Those who like to run errands or travel on the road often may find a golf cart beneficial as it can be used for riding around your neighbourhood or retirement community. They also tend to be very affordable which makes a golf cart all worth buying.



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