When Should I Switch From Irons To Hybrids? 5 Different Ways To Use Hybrids

Hybrids aren’t just great for replacing long irons. They are really good all around the golf course due to their multipurpose features. In this article, I will show you 5 ways that you can use your hybrid instead of your iron to help lower your score and win more rounds. Let’s jump in.

Here are 5 scenarios for switching your irons to hybrids:

1. Bump and run onto the green
2. Recovery shot
3. Hit out of a divot
4. Escaping fairway bunkers
5. Hitting from rough lies.

When To Switch To Hybrids: 5 Different Ways To Use Them

1. The Bump And Run Onto The Green

One way of using your hybrid on the golf course is to use it like a chipper.

If you are on the side of the green and you notice that there is a fringe that the ball needs to get over, then you need to bump and run it onto the green. The best tool to do this is the hybrid as it almost resembles a putter with loft.

However, there is slight limitation when attempting to bump and roll the golf ball onto the green using a hybrid. That problem is the length of the shaft. Usually it is too long and hard to control.

But not to worry, this can be resolved by gripping it low near the shaft. This will give you the level of control you need to bump and run the golf ball.

When hitting this type of shot, stroke it like you’d do a putter, but make sure that you don’t apply too much power in the swing because the hybrid already has power in it. Therefore, very low effort is required to pop the ball over the fringe using a putting stroke with a hybrid.

The benefit of a hybrid is that it has a nice flat bottom and doesn’t get dug into the ground. More importantly, it’s perfect for a bump and run if there is any type of lie around the green.

2. The Recovery Shot

The next reason you may want to switch your iron to a hybrid on the golf course is to do a recovery shot.

When hybrids were first created, they usually go by the name rescue clubs. This is because they are great at rescuing you out of tricky situations.

One type of situation is getting the ball away from a cluster of trees back out onto the fairway. But because the trees are an obstacle, this could be rather difficult to achieve, especially with regular irons.

A hybrid is great for escaping trees, because the swing doesn’t need to be long to create enough power to keep the ball under the trees and back onto the fairway.

The bottom of the hybrid is flatter than your iron and it doesn’t get dug into the ground as much.

Whenever you’re in a cluster of trees, the debris on the ground tend to be more loose and less solid compared to on the fairway or rough. So any slight miscalculation with an iron can cause you to hit the ball flat and stay in the trees.

So how should you use a hybrid as a recovery shot?

Well, you want to grip low near the shaft for more control. Use a swing that is relatively short as there is already enough power in the club.

And finally, keep the shaft forward so that the ball stays low on flight and doesn’t pop up into the air. All in all, the shot should feel like a long chip, that way the ball pops back onto the fairway.

3. Hit Out Of A Divot

A divot are the marks made in the grass on a golf course that are usually caused by golfers as they play. Sometimes your golf ball may end up into one of these divots and you need to get it out.

A hybrid is a useful club that can really help in this situation. If you were using an iron to hit out of a divot, the club would get snagged up and it will be hard to determine where to make contact with the ball.

But with a hybrid, you get a flatter bottom and more loft which allow you to hit down more onto the golf ball. With a downward swing and a hybrid that has enough power, you can trust that the golf ball will be hit out of the divot.

Tips for hitting out of a divot using a hybrid:

  • Hover the club behind the ball
  • Hit down (take more of the divot that is already there)

4. Escaping Fairway Bunkers

One scenario where some players may neglect using a hybrid is on a fairway bunker. Sometimes there is not much lip to get the ball over the bunker and therefore it’s not always necessary to use loads of loft.

A hbyrid is great for escaping such bunkers due to the big flat bottom and the low center of “gravity”. When you catch them well, the ball can come out further down the line which will give you a huge advantage as you are back in play.

Nonetheless, the lips of the bunker can have an influence over the choice of club. So if the lips get too tall, then you may want to use a club with a bit more loft such as a sand wedge.

Tips for hitting out the fairway bunker with hybrid:

  • Take a light stance (Not too low)
  • Take some sand as you strike the golf ball

All in all, the bottom of the golf club can help you in the sand. Don’t just go instantly for a sandwedge or a lob wedge.

Assess the conditions properly and then make the smart decision. If you can hit out of the bunker while getting the ball down further with a hybrid, you’ll be at a huge advantage.

5. Hitting From Rough Lies

Hitting your long iron off a rough lie poses a challenge because the grass sometimes gets wrapped around the neck of the club. The clubface gets shutdown and you end up hitting it lower lofted and more towards the left.

On the other hand, a hybrid is great for hitting rough lies because the bottom of the golf club helps you get the ball out of the thick grass. With a hybrid, the center of “gravity” is lower which helps to pop the ball up into the air.

When hitting rough lies with hybrids, you have to commit to the shot. One helpful recommendation is to hold the grip tight to avoid the shaft shifting.

By doing this, you should be able to hit the golf ball out there further down the hole even with the most horrible, wet, juicy lie.

You will definitely see better results using a hybrid on rough lies as opposed to a long iron. A hybrid is perfect for hitting off a rough lie.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the 5 ways to use your hybrid on the golf course. These tips will certainly help lower your score and win more rounds.

Be creative, the club isn’t just one dimensional, especially when it comes to hybrids as they are one of the most versatile clubs.

You can play with a hybrid so many different ways. But my favorite time to use them is when hiting out of a divot. It is perfect for a shot like that.


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