Are Hybrid Clubs Good For Beginners?

Hybrid golf clubs are a cross between an iron and a fairwaywood. These types of clubs help to fill in the gap between your harder to hit irons and fairway woods.

Hybrid golf clubs are good for beginners because they are designed for distance, control, trajectory, and playability which are all key aspects of the golf game. 

Not only that, hybrid clubs are known to be twice as effective from over 200 yards when compared to longer irons such as 3 or 4 irons.

Therefore when it comes to distance, hybrid is king as they generally produce more yardage than the irons.

When beginners are just starting out, it can be very difficult to hit those long shots onto the middle of the fairway or even onto the putting area. A hybrid however will help you get closer to your target as its design pushes the center of gravity lower and towards the back of the clubhead, thereby producing more forgiveness and higher trajectory.

Hybrids Are Easier To Hit

One of the main reasons why beginner golfers should play with hybrid clubs is that they are easy to hit than their corresponding irons. If you find that you are hitting poor shots with your 3-iron, 4-iron, or 5-iron, then it’s maybe time to consider replacing them with hybrid clubs.

The reason why hybrid clubs are easier to hit is because their clubface are generally flat. The flat face of the hybrid makes it easier to hit the golf ball squarely. This reduces the possibility of slices or hooks which are some of the worst golf shots you can make as a beginner. With a hybrid club, you won’t find the clubface opening or closing too much.

Both long irons and hybrids cover approximately the same yardages. This means a 3-iron and a 3 hybrid should be equivalent in distance. So when you are packing your golf bag, you will either carry one or the other, but not both.

Apart from irons, hybrids are also easier to hit than fairwaywoods due to the shorter shaft length. It can be very uncomfortable hitting clubs with very long shaft length. You have to develop the right technique to hitting a long iron shot pure.

But with hybrid clubs, these are more comfortable hitting due to the shorter shaft. And the cool thing is that you’re not losing out on yardage.

Hybrids Are Easier To Hit Out Of The Rough

As a beginner, there is a good chance that your golf ball will end up into a rough on the golf course. The rough is the deep, longer cut area of grass surrounding the fairway and green.

It’s best to avoid the rough if you want to be successful, but if the golf ball happen to land there, then you should use a hybrid to get it out.

The hybrid is an ideal club to getting the ball out of the rough as it is very easy to hit the ball out of the deep thick grass. Due to the nature of the hybrid, they are known as rescue clubs.

How Many Hybrids Should Beginners Carry?

If you are a beginner, you should pack 2 to 3 hybrid clubs in your golf bag. 3 and 4 irons are usually challenging to hit for beginners, therefore it’s best to replace these set of irons with hybrids.

However, bare in mind that there is not a fixed number of hybrids you should carry in your bag. The total number will depend on several factors like measurement of clubhead speed, distance gaps between clubs, personal preference, budget and playing goals.

As it relates to the brand and model of the hybrid, we recommend going for reputable brands like Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, or Ping just to name a few.

We found great results with the TaylorMade SIM MAX hybrid golf club. This hybrid is very forgiving and perfect for beginners as you’ll increase ball speed and gain extra yardages.

Here are some other great types of hybrids to choose from as a beginner:

  • Callaway. Apex Hybrid. Check Price.
  • TaylorMade. SIM2 Max Rescue. Check Price.
  • Cleveland. Launcher Halo Hybrid. Check Price.
  • Wilson Staff. D9 Hybrid. Check Price.
  • Cobra. F-Max Airspeed Hybrid. Check Price.
  • Benross. Evolution R Hybrid.
  • Titleist. TSi1 Hybrid.
  • Callaway. Big Bertha B21 Hybrid.

How Much Will A Beginner Pay For A Hybrid Club?

The average cost of a hybrid club ranges between $100 to $250 with some going as high as $300. We found most of the top quality hybrids priced close to the $200 mark such as the SIM MAX, PING G425 among many other popular models.

The growing cost of the hybrid clubs is due to the technology and materials used to create them. These hybrid clubs are made from materials like titanium, carbon fiber, and graphite which bumps up the price quickly.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t pay unnecessary amount of money on a hybrid club as most of them are designed to do the same job just as equal.

The only difference you can expect between a typical golf club and a more expensive one is probably the feel of the club. But this doesn’t differ by much as most of the clubs are made from the same quality material.

Hybrid clubs are worth the cost because they offer great feel and forgiveness benefits that most clubs can’t provide, not to mention they give you added yardage on your golf ball and get it airborne than traditional three and four irons. They also allow for more accuracy due to the square-like clubface design.

No matter your skill level, your golf game will tremendously improve from putting a hybrid or two in your golf bag.

Final Verdict

If you are a beginner looking to launch the golf ball high with explosive distance, then a hybrid golf club is what you need. Every level of player uses hybrids in their games from the amateur golfer to the professional players on the PGA Tour. So you should definitely include it in your arsenal of equipment.

All in all, hybrids are great for beginners due to their versatility, forgiveness and ease of use.

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