What Should A Girl Wear To A Driving Range?

The driving range is an area or facility that golfers go on to work on various golf shots. This area is typically a wide open field used for recreational activity, especially when enough time for a full 18 hole round of golf is not available. One of the most common questions asked about the driving range, especially by females, is what to wear?

On a driving range, females should ensure that they are wearing clothing that is not restricting their movements in the legs, shoulders or arms as this could hinder your golf swing. As a result, girls should wear casual clothing to a driving range such as a skirt, pants, shorts or khakis.

Skirts and shorts must be no shorter than four inches above the knee. It’s preferred that these clothing are blightly colored so that other golfers can see you on the course.

Players who are ageing might not be able to see you if you don’t have on brightly colored clothing and this may lower your safety on the golf course.

Other acceptable clothing to wear on a driving range include dresses, slacks, and blouses.

Can You Wear Leggings On A Driving Range?

In the past, leggings would have been thought to not be casual attire, but that all changed during the recent years thanks to trends in athleisure.

Leggings are now what you call ‘smart casual’ as they go well with clothing that are generally laid back, but not sloppy.

As for golf, it’s perfectly fine for women golfers to wear leggings as long as they are dark in color made from heavy and thick fabric. Leggings are not just stylish but they are a great option for comfort on the driving range.

Perhaps the only time you will not be able to wear leggings in golf is when golfing at high end country clubs or private courses. Other than that, they are a good attire at most golf courses.

Unlike leggings which usually feature opaque fabric, tights on the other hand are not allowed as the material is made from sheer fabric (see-through). So if you are wearing tights, it’s best to wear it under a skirt or skort.

Moreover, the skirt that you’ll be wearing must be long enough so that others don’t see your bottom area when standing or bent over.

Can Girls Wear Jeans To A Driving Range?

Jeans are normally fine to wear to a driving range. Once again, if it’s not hampering your golf shot, then it’s perfectly fine to wear it. However, when you go to most golf courses, you’ll run into some trouble wearing it.

For example on the PGA Tour, blue jeans are not allowed on the golf course. It’s preferred to wear colored khakis or capris which are the best choice for pants.

So why aren’t jeans allowed on most golf course? Well back then, most of the people were upperclass, and their attire didn’t involve wearing jeans. So I guess they just want to keep the tradition from back in the days.

Our best advice is to simply stay away from denim material, that is fabric made from twill weave and cotton which are used in blue jeans and other material. The “no denim allowed” rule is now prevalent on many golf courses.

Can You Wear Joggers To A Driving Range?

Joggers are not only fine to wear to a driving range, but they are perfectly appropriate to wear on the golf course given that they don’t have drawstrings.

Most courses prefer that you find a pair of joggers that can accommodate a belt, so you won’t have any problem wearing them on the golf course. Clothing that has drawstrings are usually forbidden by most golf clubs.

The joggers should also be clean and presentable with with no visible holes in them.

What NOT To Wear To A Driving Range

Here are some other prohibited attire you should bare in mind when going to the driving range:

Halter tops – This style of clothing runs from the front of the garment around the back of the neck, therefore leaving the upper back exposed. If you are going to wear halter tops to a driving range, it’s best to wear something over it like a jacket.

Sleeveless tee shirts – These shirts are manufactured without sleeves or whose sleeves has been cut off. Females should wear sleeveless only as an undershirt to the driving range.

Fishnet tops – A fishnet top is generally considered to be a sexy garment and a component of ‘sexual fetishism’ done by both male and female. You definitely don’t want to wear this out of the house onto a driving range or golf course. You’d get sent home instantly.

Bathing suit – Bathing suit is for people engaging in water based activity. Golf on the other hand is not a water based sport, so golf courses will now allow you to enter with a bathing suit on. It’s best to take that attire to the swimming pool.

Denim (of any color) – Denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. As we previously mentioned, denim is material that is used to make jeans which is prohibited on most driving range and golf courses.

Final Verdict

Your clothing plays an important role in your confidence levels. If you are wearing clothing that doesn’t fit well or is restricting your movements, then that may hamper your swing, resulting in a very bad game of golf.

Wear clothes that are good looking, and offers maximum comfort. This will help to boost your confidence and keep you focused on the game at hand.

You goal at the driving range is to get in as much practice shots as possible. So spending time in an uncomfortable attire will only slow down your game.

Dresses, skirts, slacks, golf shorts, and blouses are casual and acceptable attire for going to a driving range. If you follow these guidelines, you will never have to worry about your attire at the driving range.



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