How Wide Should Your Golf Stance Be? Forming The Perfect Stance

The stance is the aspect of your set-up that relates specifically to the width your feet are apart at address and to the position of the ball relative to your feet. If you spread your feet the correct distance at address, you will benefifit from a stable base, which enhances your balance and offers the mobility to make a powerful body-turn in your backswing.

Aside from a good stance, correct ball position is also important. It helps ensure that the clubhead meets the ball on the ideal path and angle of attack. So make sure you follow these effective guidelines to establish the ideal stance.

How Wide Should Your Golf Stance Be?

The 1 1⁄4 inch (3 cm) rule dictates the width of your stance. Hitting a driver requires the fullest, most dynamic swing of all the clubs in your bag—it is not surprising that your stance should be at its widest to offer maximum balance to support such a powerful movement.

For the 3-iron through to the wedges, however, your stance should become progressively narrower, and the ball should gradually edge closer to the center of your stance. Below are the three “benchmark” positions from which you can work out the ideal stance for all your irons.

3-IRON: Your feet should be 1 1⁄4 in (3cm) closer together than for the driver, and the ball should be 1 1⁄4 in (3cm) farther away from your left instep. This ensures that the ball is positioned at the point where the clubhead reaches the bottom of its swing arc.

6-IRON: Your feet should be another 1 1⁄4 in (3cm) closer together, and the ball should also be 1 1⁄4 in (3cm) farther away from your left instep.

9-IRON: With a 9-iron, your stance should narrow another 1 1⁄4 in (3cm), and the ball should again shift 1 1⁄4 in (3cm) back from your left instep.

This “1 1⁄4 -in” (3-cm) rule should simplify the confusing questions of where to position the ball in your stance and how far apart to space your feet.

Checking The Width Of Your Stance

It is simple to check the width of your stance, which is a vital part of your set-up. Hold the butt-end of two clubs in each hand and position one against your left shoulder and the other against your right. Let gravity take over and note where each clubhead points.

If your stance is the ideal width for the driver and long irons, the clubs will point at the inside of each of your heels.


How To Form The Perfect Stance


Although your stance will change as you move through all the clubs in your bag, it is good first to establish the correct stance when using a driver. Stand with your feet close together and the ball opposite your left heel. If your feet are close as you place the clubhead behind the ball, it is easier to see the ball in relation to your left foot.

  • Alignment: Practice with clubs on the ground to watch your alignment
  • Stance: Keep your feet close and the ball opposite your left heel


Draw your right foot back without moving the left foot (the insides of both your heels should be equal to your shoulder-width.

Flare out each foot slightly to allow your hips and body to wind and unwind as you swing the club. Make sure that the ball remains opposite your left instep—the perfect positionfrom which to deliver the clubhead to the ball.


  • Shoulders: Your left shoulder  should be higher  than your right
  • Width check: Your shoulder-width and the distance between your heels should be the same
  • Ball position: For a driver, the ball should be opposite your left heel


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