How To Aim Golf Club Face?

If your aim is poor, this will affect not only each shot you play but also your long-term golfing prospects. This is because if you aim incorrectly, it takes a bad swing to hit the ball toward your target, which means that you will be constantly making poor swings in an attempt to strike the ball in the right direction.

The good news, however, is that taking aim is extremely simple, but it does require constant checking.

How To Aim In Golf?

Here is how to take aim in golf:


To aim correctly, identify an intermediate target on a line directly between the ball and the target. Then aim the clubface at that mark. This process is called “spot marking.”

Once you have identifified your mark that is on the ball-to-target line, such as an old divot-mark, make this the focus of your attention. Aim the clubface at the spot.

Grip first then take aim

Placing the club behind the ball one-handed and then forming your grip is not a good idea—it is too easy to twist the clubface. It is, therefore, best to establish your grip and make sure that it is comfortable before you place the clubhead behind the ball. Only then should you aim at your intermediate target.

Things to take note of when aiming:

Mark the spot: A raised piece of turf makes an ideal intermediate target

Alignment: Your shoulders and hips should be parallel to the target line

Parallel lines: The alignment of your feet should be parallel to the target line


Once the clubface is “spot marked,” build the remaining elements of your stance around that position. If you want to hit a straight shot, your feet, hips, and shoulders should run parallel to the line along which the clubface is aiming.

This position, known as perfect parallel alignment, improves your swing. When you are comfortable over the ball, focus on the intended target, look back at the ball, and then hit the shot.

Practice with clubs on the ground

The practice ground is where you develop the “muscle memory” to make a good address position your second nature. Lay two clubs on the ground: one just outside the ball, and the other along the line of your toes.

The outer club should point at the target—it serves as a reference to aim the clubface. The inner club should run parallel to the other club—it helps you align your feet. Keep your hips and shoulders parallel to the clubs on the ground.

Practicing with two clubs on the ground helps you set up correctly.


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