How Much Does a Golf Bag Weigh?

Golf can be a pleasurable experience, especially with the right golfing equipment. Traveling from one hole to the next can be a lot easier with a lightweight golf bag.

If you’re going to carry around a bag; the lighter, the better. How much does a golf bag weigh, though? In this article, let’s explore different types of bags and what factors affect their weight.

How Much Does a Golf Bag Weigh?

On average, your golf bag should weigh between 25 to 30 pounds, provided that your clubs are inside the bag. When empty, the bag averages from 7 to 11 pounds. This range may be a bit broad, but it’s important to factor in your bag type.

Even with different brands and styles on the market, there are six essential golf bags. As a result, some may be lighter or heavier than others.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are generally on the lighter side of golf bags, weighing only six pounds when empty.

These are the ideal golf bags if you don’t like carrying much around. They typically rest on a trolley that you pull around the track.

This golf bag also has pockets where you can place your belongings. You can find these pockets on the bag’s side for easy access.

Although cart bags aren’t the largest ones, they still serve as an excellent choice for those who prefer to free their backs and shoulders from strain.

Tour Bags

Tour bags are one of the heaviest and largest golf bags, even when they’re empty. They’re sometimes called staff bags, and weigh 10 to 50 pounds, depending on their content.

What’s great about this golf bag is the extra space. You can easily stash your gears and clubs as well as other personal items in it. It’s what makes them popular for professional golf players on tour.

As a golden rule, you wouldn’t want to carry this bag alone. Pro golfers use this bag only because they have their own caddies and typically ride on golf carts to get around the track.

Travel Bags

For frequent travelers, you’re better off with travel bags for your golf clubs. This bag lets you bring your gears wherever you are in the world.

Travel bags come in two types: hard case and soft case. Their weight mainly depends on that element. Some can weigh as light as 3 pounds, while others can weigh up to 18 pounds.

Of course, soft cases will weigh less, while hard cases are heavier. Despite not having straps, these bags do have wheels for pushing around. So, they may be great for traveling but not for carrying around the course.

Stand Bags

Other lightweight options include stand bags. Their main feature is their retractable legs that allow the product to stand on the green.

Unlike most golf bags, these stand bags can perch upright on any type of terrain. As such, stand bags are ideal for those who like carrying their bags between holes.

The majority of stand bags come with two shoulder straps, making them easy to carry. You can prop them over one shoulder or use both straps like a backpack. The latter method is better for distributing the weight of your clubs.

Some stand bags also feature a hip pad to prevent your hip from rubbing against the bag.

Pencil Bags

Pencil bags are slimmer and lighter versions of stand bags. Depending on the brand and style, it can weigh from 2 to 5.5 pounds. Remember: the lighter the bag, the fewer clubs you can fit.

Much like stand bags too, pencil bags have retractable stands that help golfers place their bags on the terrain. Plus, their slim shape makes them easy to stash in a locker.

A downside of this golf bag though, is that you can’t use it on a rainy day. That’s because its material doesn’t offer much protection from the rain.

However, pencil bags may be perfect for you if you’re looking for a lightweight golf bag on a summer day.

What Affects the Weight of a Golf Bag?

When carrying a golf bag, you’ll likely have different equipment inside. These additional items add to the bag’s weight.

Golf Balls

Golf balls may seem minor enough to affect the overall weight of your golf bag. That said, an average golfer carries 9 to 24 golf balls. If one weighs over an ounce, carrying many golf balls can easily add at least a pound.

Material of the Bag

Golf bags have different materials depending on the type. For example, the bag itself can be nylon, canvas, or leather.


Nylon golf bags are the lightest kind out of the three. They’re durable and resistant to abrasions. Plus, they can also withstand the sun, which is perfect for golfing.

Most carry bags use nylon for easy carriage. Strapping the bag on your back requires lightweight material, and nylon gets this job done.


If you’re looking for alternative lightweight material, you can purchase a canvas golf bag. It’s light enough to carry around without sacrificing the quality of the material.

The only downside to this material is that it absorbs water. So, when it’s a wet day on the course, expect your bag to be heavier.


Leather is a popular material for pro golfers. Not only is it durable, but it has the highest quality as well. What’s more, it can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

As a result, leather is the heaviest material. You’ll need a golf cart to transport it between holes.

Size of the Bag

Golf bags have different sizes depending on the style and brand. Their size will determine how heavy your golf bag would be.

Larger ones will generally weigh heavier since they can carry more clubs, while smaller ones can only carry a few.

How Much Should Your Golf Bag Weigh?

The general rule is that your golf bag should weigh 20 percent of your body weight at maximum. That means if you weigh 200 pounds, your golf bag should weigh 40 pounds or less.

Additionally, your fitness level affects how much you can carry. Sticking to the aforementioned rule can be helpful in preventing injuries.

In Summary

So, how much does a golf bag weigh?

It’s between 7 to 11 pounds when empty, and up to 25 to 30 pounds with clubs. Keep in mind though that different factors affect this range, including golf balls, bag material, and size.

Whichever golf bag you have, make sure that you’re not exceeding more than you can carry. When in doubt, you can always ride a golf cart to carry the bag around the course.

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