how much does a golf bag cost

How Much Does a Golf Bag Cost?

A golf bag is an essential piece of equipment when it comes to golfing. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’re going to need a sturdy golf bag to carry your golf clubs around the course.

Yet, how much does a golf bag cost?

On average, the price of a golf bag ranges from $30 to $700. Regardless of cost, every golf bag is individualized and designed to fit the player’s needs depending on their varying degrees of experience.

If you want to know more about golf bags, this article is for you. Keep reading to learn more about prices and designs, so you find the perfect golf bag for you!

How Much Does a Golf Bag Cost?

Investing in a quality golf bag can make your time on the green much smoother. Among other things, it can mean the difference between comfortable straps and those that dig into your shoulders as you haul your clubs around 18 holes on a hot, sunny day.

As we mentioned above, the prices of a golf bag can range from ultra-affordable to super pricey. Yet, what’s more important than price is comfort.

You should always feel comfortable when you’re carrying your golf bag. If it’s too heavy, it’ll make your back sore, and you’ll be too exhausted to enjoy the game.

While good quality is often associated with a high price, there are some good bags out there that won’t break your budget. The trick is finding a reasonably priced bag made of quality materials.

What Are Some Factors to Consider Before Buying a Golf Bag?

A proper golf bag that suits your needs as a player can have a positive effect on your performance. It should be easy to use, comfortable, and match your personal style.

That said, here are the factors that you should consider before buying a golf bag:

1. Straps

For a simpler design, golf bag straps should be wide and well-padded. They should sit squarely on your shoulders and allow for an easy adjustment to match your body type.

2. Weight

If you like walking and carrying your golf bag around the course instead of hiring a motorized car, you must choose a lightweight golf bag.

However, keep in mind that a lightweight bag has fewer pockets and compartments. Yet, that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re a newbie and don’t carry much equipment.

3. Storage Space

One of the most important factors you should consider is how much stuff a golf bag can store. Do you need pockets and dividers to carry all your gear? Then, pick a design with ample storage capacity to carry all your essentials.

4. Weather-Resistant

Some players play golf in warm, sunny weather. They enjoy being out on the putting green, surrounded by nature and colorful flowers.

However, other golfers prefer playing golf in the colder months when there’s no harsh sun overhead and fewer people on the green. Hence, if this sounds like something you enjoy doing, look for a waterproof, weather-resistant golf bag.

What Are the Types of Golf Bags?

Just like golf clubs are individualized to fit the needs of different golfers, so are golf bags. That’s why deciding on the one that best suits your preferences might be challenging.

So, we rounded up the different types of gold bags to help you narrow your picks.

1. Pencil Bags

A pencil bag is sleek and thin in shape. It’s lightweight, making it easy to transport your gear from hole to hole, and typically weighs around 2 pounds.

It’s also budget-friendly. That’s why it’s considered a good choice for beginners who don’t have a lot of equipment yet. There are plenty of great options on the market, but one that comes highly recommended is the Titleist Premium Carry Bag.

2. Stand Bags

A convenient feature of these bags is their built-in legs which keep your equipment upright and more easily accessible. They also feature comfortable shoulder straps, so if you like to walk the course, your back and shoulders won’t suffer too much.

Despite its compact design, a stand bag offers plenty of club dividers, especially for intermediate golfers. One of the most durable, yet pricey, stand bags on the market is the STITCH SL1 Golf Bag.

3. Cart Bags

While cart bags offer far more storage space, they’re the heaviest bags of them all. Unlike their more lightweight counterparts, cart bags are used by PGA tour professionals.

Their best feature is their multiple dividers and pockets. If you’re a competitive golfer who brings lots of items like towels, water bottles, and snacks, a cart bag is the way to go, with the Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag being the most recommended.

4. Tour Bags

Tour Bags, also known as staff bags, are designed to attach to a motorized cart. It has numerous compartments to carry a great deal of golfing equipment. You can even carry some extra clothes in there!

It’s recommended that you hire a golf cart when using this type of bag. After all, with all its extra storage, pockets, and dividers, a tour bag can be extremely heavy. One of the best-selling tour bags is the Titleist Tour Staff Bag.

5. Travel Bags

If you’re transporting our golfing gear through airplanes or vehicles, chances are they can get dings and scratches. Lucky for you, travel golf bags serve one primary purpose: to protect your equipment when traveling from place to place. It does this thanks to the padded tops designed to protect the clubs while offering plenty of external pockets for maximum storage.

Generally, travel bags come in two standard varieties: a hard case and a soft case bag. A soft case bag is lighter, whereas the hard case one offers more protection.


This article covers everything you need to answer the question, “How much does a golf bag cost?” The good news is that these bags come in a wide range of prices to match every budget.

Yet, the problem is finding the one that suits your personal taste while still providing you with a durable, high-quality design. Yet after reading this post, you know exactly what to look for before deciding on a type and brand to get the best golfing experience every time you’re on the green.

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