Why Are Golf Bags So Expensive? Guide For Choosing An Affordable Bag

The purpose of a golf bag is to hold your clubs while you are playing. The average player has a standard of 12 clubs including the driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 3-iron through 9-iron and a putter. Therefore, a good sturdy golf bag is needed to carry around all these clubs.

When shopping for golf bags, some people wonder why they are so expensive?. In this article we will be looking at the factors that contribute to the high cost of golf bags and how to choose the right bag that will offer you the most comfort while saving money.

Why Are Golf Bags So Expensive?

In short, golf bags are expensive due to the waterproof technology that helps to protect your clubs, the 14 way cushioned dividers that keeps each club in their own slot, and the Polyurethane leather that is a durable and expensive material used for making most golf bags.

Apart from the features and materials that contribute to the high cost of golf bags, we should also take into account the marketing cost that some companies pay for to get their product seen by the public.

The more money a company pours into their marketing campaign, is the more money they will charge for the marketed bag. Companies like Callaway and Titleist will have their golf bags and other equipment marketed on TV, websites, and in magazines. Moreover, they may pay top professionals in the sport to wear their gears and apparel as part of their marketing strategy.

So how much should you pay for a golf bag?

Golf bags typically go from $30- $600 but the cost is dependent on the type of golf bag you are looking for and the quality of material it is made of. These include waterproof bags, tour bags, stand bags, pencil bags, and travel bags.

Each of these bags are designed for specific purposes and for different level of golfers. For example, if you are an average golfer then a large bag such as a tour bag may not be the right option for you, as it is extremely heavy and difficult to carry around.

On the other hand, this may not be a problem for a professional golfer since most of them have a personal Caddie that carries their bags. The amount of money you will be paying is dependent on the type of bag you choose. So not all golf bags will be expensive.

With that said, let us go over the different types of golf bags and their functions so you know which one to choose.

1. Tour Bags

As we’ve stated before, tour bags are most fitted for professional players with caddies and for staff members. They are the largest bags in the market and are considered to be the best and most luxurious. In addition, these bags come with extra storage for clothing, waterproofs, golf balls and gloves.

Due to their size and weight (10 pounds), tour bags can be costly and you can expect to pay anywhere between $150-$400.

If you can’t afford to bring around a heavy bag like a tour bag, then consider pairing it with an electric trolley, golf buggy or a push/pull.

2. Stand Bag

Stand bags are the most popular type of golf bags for players looking to walk and carry their clubs.

They have backpack-like shoulder straps that helps with comfort by distributing the weight across your shoulders.

They are much lighter than a tour or cart bag with a weight of no more than 5 pounds, and comes with retractable legs that keeps the bag standing upright, thus preventing it from getting dirty and allows you to easily access your clubs. These bags are priced at a lower end compared to the tour bag, with most going for $100 to $250. You may even get some for less.

3. Cart Bags or Trolley Bags

These bags are made to be carried on a trolley or buggy, as they come with a rubber or non-slip base that prevents the bag from falling off the cart as it moves.

The cart that the bag is carried on can either be push/pull or electric cart.

Unlike the standing bag, the cart bag offers less flexibility and is not ideal if you are looking to walk around the course while carrying your clubs.

They weigh about 7 pounds, which is slightly heavier than the stand bag, but lighter than the tour to allow for easy mobility when placed on the cart.

They are designed with pockets so you can carry balls, gloves and other valuables.

So what is the cost? We saw prices ranging from $100 to as high as $300.

4. Pencil Bags

Similar to the stand bags, the pencil bag is becoming popular and are the least expensive of bags that will typically cost you no more that $100. The difference between this and the stand bag is that the pencil bags are more lightweight, thinner and do not come with retractable legs. However, their functions are similar in that they are comfortable to carry around on your back.

If you are worrying whether these bags have enough storage, then you shouldn’t. They can easily hold up to 14 clubs given their slimline design feature.

If you drive around a car, then you will find that they can be stored easily, either in the trunk, or anywhere in the seats of the vehicle.

The only drawback to these bags is that they don’t offer much water protection. Therefore you must be careful not to have it in the rain. This brings us to our last bag.

5. Waterproof Bags

Waterproof bags as the name suggest, ensures your golf equipment doesn’t get wet while you are out on the course playing.

These bags are constructed with waterproof fabric, sealed seams and zippers so that water doesn’t seep through and damage your equipment like your clubs and irons. Some of them also come with a neatly fitting and easily attached rain hood to keep your head dry. You can expect these bags to be on the higher end cost due to their advanced technology.

Many golf manufacturing companies are now trying to improve on their bag technology to provide the best waterproof bags when out in the rain.

If you experience a lot of rainy weather conditions where you golf, then it is time to consider adding a water golf bag to your collection.

As regarding to the weight, these bags are lighter than your regular golf bags, perhaps due to the innovative materials and technology it takes to build it.

These bags ensure you are staying on top of your game while looking classy on the golf course. These bags can go from $80 to $300.

Now that we’ve seen the different types of golf bags, you may have a bag of your likening. I can’t tell you which one to choose because I do not know your level of play.

However, for average or intermediate players, the stand bag is the most popular choice as it offers a great level of flexibility as you walk around the course with it strapped to your shoulders. You don’t need a caddie or a trolley to carry it for you. Moreover, they are one of the most affordable options.

Are Expensive Golf Bags Worth It

Expensive golf bags are worth it because they come with a ton of features and innovative technology. You can expect to have a long lasting bag for many years to come. The same is true for some affordable and inexpensive golf bags.

You can get great quality bags that are lightweight and affordable such as the Sun Mountain carry bag. This is made from good material and has a high rating.

Therefore you don’t necessarily need a high expensive bag like a Titleist staff bag as these are more made for top tour pro golfers who have a ton of equipment they need to store. If you travel a lot, then an affordable lightweight bag is all that you need.

The disadvantage of buying an expensive golf bag is that most of them are heavy weight and can’t be easily transported. For example a tour pro staff bag may look glamorous to the buyer, but there is a struggle to transport it everywhere. You won’t be able to walk with it for a full 18 hole round of golf, which will result in you paying additional expense to hire a caddie.

Final Verdict

Owning a golf bag is a must have. You gain a lot of freedom from carrying around your golf bag. All you need to do is pack some clubs and accessories, pick up your bag and move anywhere you want to on the course. This is made easier and convenient with a carry bag than with a cart bag. But it depends on how much equipment you are carrying.

You can save a lot of money by going with a stand bag as these are more easily transportable without compromising the amount of storage space. It also has retractable legs that prevent your bag from getting dirty on the green. And don’t worry, the legs retract and don’t get in the way while carrying.

Not to mention it used by all level of players including professionals. Some of the best golf stand bags include the Titleist Players 4Plus StaDry Stand Bag, Ping Hoofer Stand Bag and the inexpensive Sun Mountain Two5 Plus Stand Bag.


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