How Much Do Golf Cart Batteries Cost

How Much Do Golf Cart Batteries Cost?

Did you know that the first golf cart was pulled by caddies? That’s true; motorized carts are a modern invention. Invented by Lyman Beecher, the first non-motorized golf cart was pulled by two caddies.

Today, electric golf carts are favored over gasoline-powered carts because they have limited noise and motor emissions on serene golf landscapes. Besides, electric golf carts cost less, but that’s until you have to change the batteries.

So, how much do golf cart batteries cost?

How Much Do Golf Cart Batteries Cost?

Golf cart batteries cost anywhere from $800 to $2000. The prices vary depending on the brand, voltage, and vendor. For instance, Trojan batteries cost more, but they’ll last longer than Costco’s alternatives. Depending on the brand, there may also be additional installation and charger costs.

What Goes into Golf Cart Battery Cost?

A golf cart battery is a significant investment for a couple of years. If you’re wondering why some batteries cost more than others, here’s our cost breakdown:

Golf Cart Battery Brand

High-quality brands cost more, but they also have thorough quality control systems and offer better warranties.

On the high end, Trojan’s batteries cost around $1000, but they’re expected to last for four or five years. On the other hand, cheaper golf cart batteries from Costco or Napa cost around $800, but they’ll only last for two to three years.

Golf Cart Battery Voltage

Golf cart batteries become more expensive as the voltage and ampere rating get higher. Therefore, the 6V batteries are the cheapest among the three typical voltages, including 8V and 12V.

If you want to invest in high battery voltage for the sake of speed, think again. To put it clearly, your golf cart’s speed is affected by three parts:

  • The batteries
  • The motor
  • The controller

Instead of purchasing costly, high-voltage batteries, you can consult a technician on upgrading the motor or the controller for higher speed.

A motor replacement can cost $800 to $1000. However, since the controller is more expensive, it can cost you $2000 to $2500 to change both the motor and the controller.

Golf Cart Battery Features

Some advanced golf cart battery features, like fast charging or larger capacities, can cost more.

Additional Golf Cart Battery Costs

Other golf cart battery replacement costs you’re likely to incur regardless of battery type include:

Installation Costs

If you can install the battery yourself, you’ll skip installation costs. Yet, in most cases, you’ll need a technician’s help for installation, which can cost from $50 to $100.

You might even incur more costs if you need to transport the cart to a faraway workshop.

Battery Charger Cost

You need to purchase a charger that matches your golf cart’s voltage. Besides, on-board golf cart chargers are usually more expensive than off-board chargers. You can expect the charger to cost anywhere from $100 to $250.

How Much Does a 48 Volt Battery for a Golf Cart Cost?

Golf cart batteries are rarely available in 48V. However, some brands, like Trojan, are currently producing them. Trojan’s 48V batteries cost close to $1500.

Still, the more common option for 48V golf cart electric systems is using multiple batteries. To clarify, you can combine four 12V, six 8V, or eight 6V batteries to achieve a 48V golf cart.

The overall cost will be a multiple of the single battery price you choose.

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

Aside from proper maintenance, the golf cart’s battery will last depending on how often it’s used.

To illustrate, fleet carts are typically used for three rounds every day during peak season. On the other hand, private golf carts are usually used less than five times per week by a single owner.

Therefore, assuming batteries are properly maintained, fleet golf cart batteries are expected to last from four to six years. The less-used private golf carts typically last between six to ten years.

How to Make Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer?

Here are some ways to make your golf cart batteries last longer so you don’t have to pay the replacement costs often.

Ensure Proper Maintenance of Your Batteries

If you’re using an auto charger, plug in your golf cart battery once you’re back from a golf round.

Specialists recommend unplugging your battery once it’s fully charged. If batteries are stored uncharged for an extended period, they may get damaged and gradually lose capacity.

Use Fancy Features Less Often

Golf cart prices range depending on their brands and features. Not only do some advanced features, like higher speed, add to the golf cart’s price, but they also consume more energy.

For instance, you can save up some energy by using taillights and headlights less frequently.

More significantly, avoid running your golf cart at a higher speed. Instead, drive at around 15 miles per hour, which is the typical speed on golf courses. Lower speed is also safer for other golfers on the course.

Drive for Golf Purposes Only

Golf carts are street-legal if they cross the 20 miles per hour speed boundary. If you own a fast golf cart, you might be compelled to drive it to the golf course, especially if you live nearby.

However, driving your golf cart off-course can significantly reduce its battery life.

Sometimes, the battery usage of a trip to and from home plus the golf course round can add up to the usage of multiple rounds for a fleet cart. As a result, the battery’s lifespan will get cut short.

Wrap Up

Finally, how much do golf cart batteries cost?

Golf cart battery prices range from $800 to $2000 depending on their voltage, brand, and condition.

If you’re looking to upgrade your battery for more speed, you might better consider upgrading the motor, controller, or both. This can cost you $800 to $2500 without the batteries.

In all cases, make sure you properly maintain your golf cart batteries. Try to use the cart less frequently to extend its battery life. Why not periodically embrace the Scottish tradition and enjoy a walk on the golf course with your caddy?


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