Are Kirkland Golf Balls Good?

Are Kirkland golf balls good? The answer could be a bit surprising for the beginners out there who are used to hearing famous names like Callaway and Titleist.

Although not on par with other premium golf balls, Kirkland Signature golf balls offer good quality for their price range. They may not be as high quality as other brands, but they can be a good choice if you’re still a beginner or a mid-handicapper.

Today, we’re going to have a detailed look at the quality of Kirkland Signature golf balls and the reasons why people are buying them.

Who Created Kirkland Golf Balls?

In 2016, the multinational Costco store company started producing golf balls under its own brand name, Kirkland Signature. The Kirkland Signature golf balls created a stir in the golf community when they were released. They were bizarrely cheap and of such quality that they were compared to the Titleist Pro-V1 in some cases.

After word got out about how well Kirkland Signature golf balls perform, sales of these Costco balls took off like crazy!

If you were lucky enough to find some on sale, you could get two dozen golf balls for almost $29.99.

Is a Kirkland Signature’s popularity due to its low price or is it because of its quality? Let’s find out what makes a Kirkland Signature golf ball good or bad!

Are Kirkland Golf Balls Good?

When you’re searching for a golf ball, certain factors can influence your decision. Here’s how Kirkland Signature golf balls perform in those areas.

Feel and Compression

The softness of the golf ball doesn’t mean that it’ll have a marshmallow feeling to it, but that it won’t be like hitting a rock. You want a ball with a great feel that’ll guarantee good flight upon hit.

This can be found written on the box of the Kirkland Signature golf balls. They have a soft core to highly maximize that distance.

But what’s written on the box and what happens on the course can vary a little. In general, the feel of the Kirkland Signature golf ball is just mediocre according to users.

It’s known that Kirkland Signature golf balls have a high compression rate, which makes them harder than most golf balls. Averaging at about 90 on the compression rate chart, these golf balls are built for a player with a mid to high swing speed.

A golfer with a slower swing might face difficulties with the Kirkland golf balls.

Nothing that will blow your mind away with its greatness, but not too bad either. While you may not mistake it for a premium golf ball while playing, the overall feel might be just right for you as a beginner considering its price.

Spin Rate

When you hear someone talking about the spin rate of a golf ball, they’re mostly referring to how fast the ball spins on its axis while in flight. It’s measured in revolutions per minute (RPM).

The spin of the golf ball creates lift, which affects how high a shot will fly and how quickly it will come to rest after touching the ground.

There isn’t a certain standard for a good or bad spin rate. It all depends on your preference and swing speed in a golf game. Excessive spin will get your golf ball to fly high, but it’ll also reduce the distance it travels.

Too much spin can also promote sidespin and backspin, which can lead you to hook or slice your shot. On the other hand, golf balls with a lower spin rate are more likely to travel farther and straighter than those with a higher spin rate.

The average Costco Kirkland golf ball has a spin rate of 2,600 rpm, depending on the driver as well as your swing speed and angle. For an ideal hit, spin rates between 2,500-3,000 rpm are recommended.

Therefore, the Kirkland Signature golf ball might be just what you need when it comes to a decent spin rate without sacrificing distance.


The price of the Kirkland Signature golf balls generated a great buzz. When it comes to a good quality golf ball at an affordable price, Kirkland Signature golf balls took the cake.

To illustrate, a dozen Bridgestone Tour B330 or TaylorMade TP5 golf balls can cost you up to $50. While a dozen of the Kirkland Signature golf balls can be priced at around $25.

With almost a dollar for a Kirkland Signature golf ball, they never stood a chance of staying in stores!

Ball Durability

Kirkland Signature golf ball covers are made of Urethane. The advantage of this cover is that it gives a great feel, green control, and decent spin. That’s why you’ll find premium golf ball covers, like the Titleist and TaylorMade, sometimes made of Urethane.

However, while the Urethane cover offers great durability, the Kirkland Signature golf ball can go down pretty easily after just a couple of rounds. You might notice some wear and tear on the ball just after the first few holes.

Some players have complained that the surface might start showing signs of bruising just after teeing off!

It’s not as great as premium golf balls, but for its price, it does what it promises.

The Takeaway

Kirkland Signature golf balls aren’t premium balls, which isn’t really surprising because they’re produced by a mass marketing brand. They aren’t the best when it comes to the feel, and the durability isn’t remarkable either. However, the spin rate and the price are a plus.

The buzz around Kirkland Signature golf balls is probably generated by their price point, but that still doesn’t mean they’re bad golf balls. They’re simply good quality for their price.

For a fun game with family or friends, these golf balls are great. However, if you’re getting a little more serious about your game, you might want to step up to a next-level golf ball.

To Sum Up

So, if you’ve been wondering “Are Kirkland golf balls good?” The answer is yes!

While you’re looking for quality, your wallet is looking for a deal. With Kirkland Signature golf balls, you can have a little bit of both.

Their performance isn’t that of a premium golf ball like the TaylorMade or Callaway, but they’re still a good bargain overall.

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