Can You Use Marine Batteries in a Golf Cart?

With superior mobility and affordable maintenance, a golf cart can be the best commuting option in several situations. This explains why the golf cart market is increasing and is expected to be valued at $2.25 billion by 2026. However, your driving your golf cart is all fun and games until the battery dies. So, can you use marine batteries in a golf cart?

Technically speaking, a marine battery can operate a golf cart and replace its special battery since both are gel lead acid batteries that are designed for deep-cycle operation. A marine battery might be available when a golf cart battery isn’t, and you can use it in case of an emergency or if you want to save some cash.

Nevertheless, a marine battery should only be used if the original battery is unavailable because it will affect the golf cart’s performance.

Keep reading to learn more about the usage of marine batteries in golf carts and how they affect performance.

Can You Use Marine Batteries in a Golf Cart?

You can use a marine battery if you can’t find a golf cart battery to replace the current discharged one.

A marine battery is more affordable than a golf cart battery, so if you want to save some cash and if you just run your golf cart for short distances, the switch might be worth it.

However, you need to make sure that it’s properly installed, or the golf cart won’t operate properly.

Golf buggy batteries are deep-cycle batteries that are specifically designed to withstand extended current draw and continuous discharging. A deep-cycle marine battery can replace a golf cart battery, although it’s mainly designed to be used on a boat to withstand constant pounding and vibration.

Deep-cycle marine batteries can also withstand frequent discharging and, as a result, can be used in various devices like audio systems, depth finders, and other battery-powered appliances. Marine starting batteries and dual-purposes batteries shouldn’t be used in a golf cart.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using a Marine Battery on a Golf Cart?

Some people consider using marine batteries for cost-saving purposes. However, these batteries won’t deliver the performance that you would expect from a golf buggy battery.

A marine battery delivers large amounts of energy for short bursts, which is the opposite of how golf cart batteries operate. Although marine batteries are sturdier, golf cart batteries typically last longer, have more amp hours, and are overall more efficient. Here are the pros and cons of using a marine battery on your golf cart.


  • In general, marine batteries are stronger than golf cart batteries. Since these batteries are meant to start an engine and not run a long-block engine, they’re more powerful and provide more energy.
  • A marine battery is sturdy and made of more durable materials. In addition, it’s designed to withstand rough and bumpy conditions, unlike a golf buggy battery.
  • Marine batteries are typically cheaper than golf cart batteries. However, depending on the type and the brand of the battery you buy, you might actually end up buying a more expensive marine battery.


  • Due to the chemical composition of a marine battery, it usually has shorter battery life than a typical golf buggy battery. Batteries store energy in plates, and the plates of marine batteries are typically smaller than the ones found in golf cart batteries, so you’ll end up replacing the battery more often.
  • A marine battery has fewer amp hours than a golf cart battery, so you’ll have to recharge it more often.
  • A marine battery has different features from a golf cart battery, so you might experience some technical problems with your golf cart.
  • Unlike golf cart batteries that charge pretty fast, a marine battery takes more time to recharge after a discharge when its energy is depleted.
  • A marine battery isn’t designed to operate at high temperatures, which a golf cart battery can typically tolerate.

What are the Effects on your Golf Cart’s Performance When You Use a Marine Battery?

Although technically, you can use a marine battery to replace a golf cart battery, you’ll notice several changes in the golf cart’s performance.

  • You’ll start to experience short run times. Since the battery has fewer amp hours than a golf cart battery, going on longer trips on your golf cart won’t be possible because it will run out of charge.
  • Due to the frequent charging and discharging, you’ll have to replace the battery more often.
  • The sensitive components of your golf cart might be prone to damage because you’re not using the original battery, even if you’re using a compatible marine one.
  • Some of the golf cart’s parts, like the lights, won’t work properly, especially as the battery gets discharged. Golf cart batteries are designed to operate even when they’re discharged down to 80% of their capacity. Marine batteries experience operational issues when they’re discharged beyond the 50% mark.
  • Because a golf cart battery is usually subject to hotter temperatures when left in the sun, a marine battery might not be able to recharge properly. The inadequate temperature range negatively impacts the battery’s charge and its performance in the long run.
  • Marine batteries are designed for marine vehicles that don’t get used as often as golf carts or for long periods of time. Therefore, using a marine battery in a golf cart will result in the battery giving out earlier than a golf cart battery.

Wrap Up

You can use a marine battery in a golf cart since a marine battery is typically more affordable, especially if you use your golf cart for short trips. You can also use it in case of an emergency when you have no access to a typical golf cart battery.

However, marine batteries are built differently and won’t deliver the same performance. As a result, you’ll end up recharging and replacing your battery more often, and you might experience operational problems that might affect the sensitive components of your golf cart.



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