Can You Wear Golf Shoes on Concrete?

As you’re trying to improve your golf game, you’ve probably thought about buying a good pair of golf shoes. These shoes are specifically designed to improve your swing and help you move on the golf course, so can you wear golf shoes on concrete?

You can wear spikeless golf shoes on concrete, although this can cause them to wear faster. On the other hand, spiked golf shoes won’t feel comfortable if you wear them as regular shoes.

Keep reading to learn more about wearing spineless and spiked golf shoes on concrete and the differences between them.

Can You Wear Golf Shoes on Concrete?

There are two types of golf shoes, spiked and spikeless, and both have a broader shoe base to support a golfer’s swing when the player is standing. Spikeless golf shoes are just like your regular sneakers, but they don’t have the same grip. However, they can be worn on concrete and other surfaces if you have to.

These shoes are designed to provide excellent traction on the turf to improve your performance as a golfer. They also provide better lateral support and cushioning because golfers end their stroke on the ball of the feet, so they need good arch support. Moreover, they serve as dual-purpose shoes that you can wear if you want to do some grocery shopping or grab a drink after a golf match.

Spiked golf shoes, on the other hand, aren’t comfortable to wear on concrete and other hard surfaces. They provide a better grip on the golf course, and have evolved over the years from metal-spiked to soft-spiked gold shoes.

These shoes are designed to provide a good grip in wet conditions, so you can wear them on the turf to help you swing better. They can also help a golfer make a quick turn in muddy conditions and prevent slipping, but they won’t work on a hard surface.

Wearing spiked golf shoes on the street or the sidewalk is difficult and uncomfortable. You’ll struggle to walk in them, especially if you plan to walk for long distances. At the same time, the friction will wear the spikes, and they’ll get damaged too soon.

Although both types come in different types and models, you should go for the spikeless ones if you want your golf shoes to serve dual purposes.

Can You Wear Spiked or Spikeless Shoes on Any Golf Course?

Most golf courses don’t have any restrictions regarding wearing spikeless golf shoes. However, metal-spiked golf shoes are sometimes banned from some golf courses because they damage the turf.

This is how soft-spiked golf shoes were introduced to the market. Golfers found them more comfortable to walk in, and they didn’t cause any damage to the golf course.

Yet, even soft-spiked golf shoes weren’t as durable because the golfer’s weight would still wear the spikes out. So, designers introduced spikeless golf shoes, which are easy to wear, comfortable, and more durable. Moreover, as a golfer, you could keep them on and go run some errands after finishing a golf match.

What are the Pros and Cons of Wearing your Golf Shoes on Concrete?

Regardless of the type you pick, deciding whether to bring another pair of shoes to wear other than your golf shoes has its pros and cons.


  • Spikeless golf shoes are easy to wear and comfortable. They work well on most surfaces, so you can walk in them after a golf match is over.
  • You’ll travel light if you’re traveling to play a golf match.
  • Shoe manufacturers are always adding new designs and technologies to make golf shoes more comfortable.
  • There are plenty of styles to choose from.


  • Because you’re not just wearing your golf shoes for golf matches and are walking around in them, they’ll wear out faster. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll have to worry about replacing your golf shoes more often.
  • Golf shoes are typically more expensive than regular sneakers because they’re designed to provide a better grip on the turf.
  • If you choose spiked golf shoes, they’ll be extremely comfortable to walk in.
  • They’re still designed to be golf shoes, so although there are plenty of designs, they’re not as many as the other types of sneakers.

Tips for Keeping your Golf Shoes in the Best Condition

Whether you own a pair of spikeless or spiked golf shoes, you need to take care of them to keep them in the best condition. Here are some tips to follow.

  • Always go for high-quality shoes. You should invest in a good pair of shoes because they’ll last longer. Of course, they’ll be more expensive, but they’ll be more comfortable to wear.
  • Make sure that you own more than one pair of golf shoes. If you’re planning to buy a new pair, don’t throw the old one away because this will help your new pair last longer. Then, when the course conditions are rough, you can wear your old shoes to keep the new ones in good condition.
  • Clean your shoes properly after every round of golf. Removing the dust and debris will keep your shoes clean if you plan to spend some time at the clubhouse and will also protect the shoes’ surface and bottom from damage.

There are air compressors in most golf clubs and around golf courses, and you can use the air to remove the dust. You should also wash the shoes using water, a mild detergent, and a soft-bristle brush to keep them clean.

  • Don’t wear golf shoes on a concrete surface unless it’s necessary. Even if you have spikeless shoes that can be worn on concrete, these shoes are designed to be used on the turf, and wearing them on concrete will make them wear faster, so you should do this when it’s absolutely necessary.

Wrap Up

You can wear spikeless golf shoes on concrete, but they’ll wear faster as they’re designed to be used on the turf. Spiked golf shoes won’t feel comfortable if you walk on a hard surface, and the spikes will wear too fast, so keep these for your upcoming golf match.


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