Are Vice Golf Balls Good?

Since 1980, the average driving distance on the PGA Pro Tour has increased by over 30 yards. Improved golf clubs, players’ fitness, and golf course conditions are contributing factors. However, the game-changer for driving distance is the golf ball.

From “hairies,” to “featheries,” to today’s dimpled balls, golf balls have witnessed remarkable development. Yet, there’s a major evolution besides a golf ball’s driving distance; a competing price point.

In 2012, Vice Golf was founded in Germany by two surfing lawyers. With competitive pricing and bold designs, Vice Golf has grown a massive cult following.

Still, a golf ball is primarily about performance. So, are Vice golf balls good?

Are Vice Golf Balls Good?

Yes, Vice golf balls provide tour-level performance. Their quality is comparable to premium golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1. Indeed, Vice golf balls have shown impressive speed, accuracy, and durability. Moreover, their competitive price point has contributed to their widespread popularity.

What’s the Deal with Vice Golf Balls?

Vice’s cheap prices might make us more worried than confident in their balls. Interestingly, Vice stresses its low prices as the main selling point. Its golf balls are priced at less than half the prices of premium golf balls.

Currently, the standard price of Vice golf balls is around $35 per dozen, and that‘s further discounted when you buy in bulk.

Still, the cheap prices of Vice golf balls don’t compromise on quality. Instead, Vice reduces unnecessary operational costs to pass down savings to their fans.

To begin with, Vice doesn’t employ the costly marketing strategies of premium golf ball brands. For instance, Vice doesn’t advertise on reputable golf tours or sponsor famous golfers.

More significantly, Vice reduces its prices by employing a Direct to consumer (DTC) strategy. This means they exclusively sell through their online shop. By selling directly to golfers, Vice has eliminated the middlemen markups, which increase typical golf ball prices.

The best advantage of cheaper balls is that you get to buy more of them. Specifically, you need to buy more of your favorite golf ball, because you need to commit to using it for consistent performance.

Practicing with the same golf ball can significantly boost your performance in less time.

How Does Vice Compare to Pro V1?

Known as the golf ball that revolutionized the sport, the Titleist Pro V1 is still a premium favorite for many professional golfers. It’s the ball that first nailed accuracy and distance simultaneously.

Vice targets average golfer speeds with lower compression golf ball types, like the Vice Pro Soft. As for tour-level golf balls compared to Titleist, Vice offers its premium Vice Pro and Pro Plus. Keep in mind that the Vice Pro golf ball is 43% cheaper than Titleist’s Pro V1.

Still, when it comes to performance metrics, the Vice Pro is a strong competitor to the Pro V1. To begin with, the Vice Pro outperforms the Titleist Pro V1 driving speed by 2.5%. Similarly, Vice Pro exceeds the Pro V1 iron-distance by 0.6%.

Even the Titleist Pro V1x is out-done by its rival the Vice Pro Plus for wedge spin. Not to mention, it’s an impressive achievement for Vice to excel at the features that Titleist was supposed to dominate.

Where Are Vice Golf Balls Produced?

Vice golf balls are designed and engineered in Germany. Yet the manufacturing process has been moved to Taiwan. In all cases, Vice maintains a high standard of production.

How Are Vice Golf Balls Produced?

The Vice Pro golf ball features a three-piece construction. Moreover, the Vice Pro’s Extra-thin cast urethane cover provides more greenside spin.

For the Pro and Pro+ models, Vice uses a complex casting process to adhere the cover to the underneath Surlyn layer. This process boosts the ball’s performance while minimizing possible defects.

The fact is, off-centered cores and inconsistent outer layers can significantly affect a golf ball’s performance. Therefore, Vice inspects every golf ball from a static viewpoint in various testing procedures.

Are Vice Golf Balls Good or Bad?

Previously, Vice golf balls were commonly criticized because their covers were prone to scuffs after a few shots. However, today’s improved Vice golf ball covers are much more resistant to scuffs. Still, Rick Shiels has noted that the scuffs were remarkable after a few shots.

Are Vice Golf Balls Legal?

As opposed to older balls, the improved version of Vice Pro conforms to the size and weight standards specified by the United States Golf Association (USGA).

Are Vice Golf Balls Good for High Handicappers?

Some Vice golf balls are designed for high handicappers, but other models are dedicated for higher swing speeds. Therefore, you’ll have to choose the right ball for your requirements.

In 1911, the USGA introduced its handicap system to numerically assess golfers’ abilities relative to golf course difficulty. A handicap index of 20 and above is considered a high handicap.

More often than not, high handicappers will need a golf ball designed to counteract their slower swing speeds. Not to generalize, there are some high handicappers on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Which Vice Golf Balls Are Good for High Handicappers?

If your swing speed goes below 95 mph, the Vice Pro Soft should be your go-to golf ball. Featured among Amazon Choice picks, the Vice Pro Soft had further made it to Golf Digest’s Hot List and the performance golf ball recommended list by

Furthermore, the Pro Soft’s three-piece construction consists of a High Energy Speed Core (HESC) allowing for high ball speeds. The long game spin is also reduced by the Surlyn mantle.

Still, the heightened speed of the Vice Pro Soft doesn’t compromise accuracy on the ground. A low compression rating of 35 grants the Pro Soft its admired feel and spin around the green.

Even more, the stick-to-the-green (S2TG) technology gives golfers a more controlled feel off the wedges.

Wrap Up

Finally, are Vice golf balls good?


Vice Golf seems to have considered as many golfer needs as possible. If you’re the coolest golfer on your course, Vice will cast your spirit on their customizable bright-colored balls.

Even if looks aren’t your thing, Vice Golf has changed the game for premium golf ball brands. It was equally thoughtful about high handicappers and top golf champions.

With all the challenges faced to disrupt the traditional golf market, we must say Vice Golf has done a good job.

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