Why Is Golf So Popular? 14 Reasons People Are Obsessed With This Sport

Elegant, precise, and relaxing are among many other words that come to mind when people think of golf. The popularity of this sport seems to increase every year despite the claims of being too boring or too expensive.

This brings us to today’s question: why is golf so popular? What drives more and more folks to play and watch this sport?

Golf is so popular because it’s non-age-restrictive, fun, offers a good workout, relieves stress, helps build relationships, can be done alone or with a group, and a lot more.

In this article, I’ll be discussing 14 reasons behind the ever-growing popularity of golf and why it may be a good idea for you to take it up. Let’s hop in!

1. Anyone Can Play Golf

First of all, golf is a widely diverse sport, especially when it comes to age.

Sure, many sports are suitable for both men and women, but very few sports are as playable by kids and teenagers as they’re playable by adults and seniors.

As such, one of the top reasons that golf is so popular is simply because anyone can do it regardless of their age.

2. Golf Is a Great Workout

It may not look like it, but golf can be a great exercise. After all, it is a sport.

The swinging action you do to move the driver and hit the ball is a wonderful stretch for your arm and back muscles. Additionally, the stance you need to hold to deliver a successful ball is a workout for your core.

What’s more, walking from one hole to the next as well as walking to wherever your golf ball lands is also a form of exercise.

3. Golf Is a Lot of Fun

Despite what you may think or what it looks like, golf is a very fun sport.

Granted, there’s no running around, no fast-paced movements, no flashy lights, and no clashing. However, people still come back to play and watch it.

Why? Because golf simply offers a different kind of fun. One that depends on anticipating a shot’s direction, speed, power, and accuracy.

4. Golf Offers a Nice View

No one can deny that golf is one of the sports with the best view out there. The courses are a sight for sore eyes with stretching green grass and nature-inspired elements such as ponds and trees.

5. Golf Helps You Relieve Stress

Generally speaking, sports are a healthy and effective way to blow off steam and support better mental health.

Golf, in particular, is a fantastic stress reliever. The slow pace, absence of loud clashes, and roomy outdoor space all come together to create a relaxing atmosphere for the player.

6. Golf Boosts Self-Dependence

Another reason why golf is popular is the way it helps you improve your self-dependence.

Since golf isn’t a team sport, players must rely on their individual skills to deliver good results. There’s no one else to blame for a bad score or depend on to support your performance.

In golf, there’s only one person you can depend on; yourself.

7. Golf Is a Whole Experience

Golf can be so much more than a sport you play — it can be a whole experience for the entire family.

Golf courses nowadays have sitting spots for spectators to view the game comfortably and also grab a bit. Some courses even have dedicated spaces for picnics if you feel like it.

8. Golf Is a Chance for Bonding

Golf is a terrific opportunity to build relationships and bond with others. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or even a new acquaintance, you can get to know each other better over a golf game.

This is because golf can be a very one-on-one sport. You can easily talk to the person you’re playing and they can hear you without issues, unlike most other sports that are too fast-paced and loud.

9. Golf Lets You Talk Business

Do you know the stereotype about rich businessmen playing golf and making deals meanwhile? Well, it’s not too far off from the truth.

Golf does give you a chance to talk business with a partner or a potential client but away from the stress and conventionality of the office.

Instead, you can do it in a more relaxing environment where you can think more clearly and get more inspired.

10. You Can Golf Alone or With a Group

Since golf isn’t a team sport, this means you don’t need a minimum number of people to start a game. You can simply play by yourself and compete against your own skills and limitations.

However, if you prefer doing sports with a group, golf lets you do that too! In fact, the number of participants doesn’t have to be even for all of you to play together.

11. You Can Golf Away From Home

With golf, you don’t have to worry about going on a vacation and not being able to play during that period.

Now more than ever, golf courses are an integral part of resorts and can be found in most tourist-attracting cities. This means your chances of golfing while away from home are pretty high!

12. Golf Supports Social Distancing

Now that we understand how important social distancing is during pandemics, we can appreciate the fact that golf is one of the sports that support such a precaution.

Golf doesn’t need close contact with others or being in a crowded place. In fact, you can play alone and the vast majority of courses are outdoors where the air is always fresh.

13. Tiger Woods

Even if you know nothing about golf, I bet you’re familiar with Tiger Woods.

A golf legend, Woods has brought a lot of attention to the sport since the early 2000s thanks to his amazing performance and charisma.

Despite all the drama surrounding his life, no one can deny that his time on the golf course is one of the main factors behind the rising popularity of golf.

14. More Celebrities Are Becoming Golfers

Besides Tiger Woods, more and more celebrities from various fields are getting into golf. With names like Justin Bieber and Gareth Bale seen on golf courses, it’s no wonder the sport is attracting extra attention.

Wrap Up

There you have it, 14 reasons to answer the question: why is golf so popular?

From providing good exercise and relieving stress to building relationships and learning self-dependence, it’s clear that golf won’t be losing its vogue anytime soon.

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