Why Do I Keep Breaking Golf Tees? 5 Common Causes

Breaking golf tees is quite common on the golf course, especially when hitting irons and wedges. It happens to players of all levels from beginners to professional players, so you shouldn’t sweat it.

However, if you find that you are constantly breaking golf tees all the time, then chances are you are doing something wrong. Here are 4 common causes of breaking golf tees:

  1. You have a steep angle of attack
  2. You are using wooden golf tees
  3. You are using cheap golf tees
  4. The ground is too firm
  5. Tee placement is too high above ground

1. You Have A Steep Angle Of Atttack

There are several reasons why you keep on breaking your golf tees, but the main reason is that your angle of attack is very steep as you hit through the golf ball.

Angle of attack in golf refers to the up-down angle at which the clubhead is moving at impact. If your angle of attack is steep (or negative), then that means you’re hitting down on the golf ball, and that pressure can cause the golf tee to break.

However, when you have a positive angle of attack, you are more likely to swing up on the ball. Therefore, there is less contact with the golf tee, which is less likely to break the tee.

For a good angle of attack, try aiming for around 2 to 3 degrees. This will prevent the golf tees from breaking, but more importanly, it will be beneficial to your game as you gain more distance off the tee.

2. You Are Using Wooden Golf Tees 

Wooden golf tees are used by just about everyone on the golf course. But if you are worried about your golf tees breaking, then wooden golf tees are not for you.

Because they are made out of wood and have a stiff nature, they are more likely to break than your typical plastic tees. While they are good for performance, don’t expect a good durability from wooden golf tees.

If you are looking for durability, then try plastic tees. They are durable and nearly unbreakable. They are more likely to bend than break due to their nature.

However, their performance is not as good as wooden golf tees. Because they are made of plastic, it is more difficult to press into hard turf unlike your wooden golf tees.

3. You Are Using Cheap Golf Tees

While wooden golf tees tend to break more, a large factor that depends on it’s durability is the price you pay. If you buy very cheap golf tees, then don’t expect them to last long.

Yes, the cost of golf tees are typically very low, but ordering a 100 golf tees for just $1.00 says something negative about the quality of these tees.

A good quality golf tee should last for about 100 shots before it breaks or deteriorate. So if you break your golf tees sooner, then it really wasn’t a good tee.

These golf tees should also be made from cedar. This material is durable and sound resistant, meaning it has the ability to absorb noise as you hit your clubs. It can withstand many conditions and is naturally beautiful. Therefore, golf tee manufacturers tend to choose this material due to it’s unique properties.

Also, note that the thinner and longer the golf tee is the more likely it is to break. The two most popular choices are 2.75 inches and 3.25 inches long golf tees. Anything above that is not suited for golf and is more likely to break.

4. The Ground Is Too Firm

The ground or turf on the golf course plays a major role in the longevity of your tees. If the ground is too firm or hard, your tees are more likely to break, especially if you swing down with a steep angle of attack.

Therefore, you want to stay away from turf that has dry and hard soil as these will be the hardest on your golf tees.

However, if it’s not possible to do this, then we recommend you substitute your wooden tees for plastic ones. Another thing you can do is bring some water with you to pour on the dry-hard soil to loosen it up a bit. This could help you save money in the long run.

5. Tee Placement Is Too High Above Ground

How you bury the golf tee in the ground is very important if you wish for them not to break. The correct tee placement depends on the type of club you use.

The general recommendation of tee height for golf driver is about 1.5 inches. The alternative method is to align the bottom of the golf ball on the tee with the top of the driver.

For other clubs like your long and mid irons, push the golf tee into the ground so that only 1/4 inch is above the ground.

This is the height that you should always use when teeing up. Anything longer could result in the tee breaking. Furthermore, too much height on the golf tee will cause the ball to travel high up in the air, resulting in less distance. This is why increasing golf tee height doesn’t necessarily mean more yardage.

What Is The Best Type Golf Tee?

Though plastic and wooden golf tee are the two most common types used on the golf course, there is one type of golf tee that is growing in popularity, and that is the bamboo golf tee.

As the name suggest, this type of tee is made from bamboo and is stronger than your normal wooden tee. This means they won’t break as often as your wooden golf tees, and even better, their performance lives up to par unlike the plastic tees.

So if you are looking for a balance between performance and longevity, then bamboo golf tees are the way to go.

Because they are made from bamboo, they turn out to be biodegradable and eco friendly, as when they do snap, they’ll break down in short order and not cause any ecological damage. They also biodegrade much faster than your wooden tees, making them the best choice golf tees to use.

Final Verdict

Breaking golf tees is not something you should worry about, unless you are trying to save money. It happens to all players, but you have to take the necessary steps to reduce the amount of tees you break as we’ve outlined in this article.

Breaking the golf tee could also be a sign that you are not hitting the shot correctly. In most cases, your shot is too steep. And when you hit down on the golf ball in that fashion, it will cause the golf tee to break. As long as you have a positive angle of attack, the correct tee height and are using good quality tees, you should be closer to avoid breaking your tees.


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