Which Golf Ball Goes the Farthest?

From all the equipment you can buy for golf, some golfers may overlook the impact of golf balls on their play. Clubs and swings aren’t the only factors that can help maximize distances. Golf balls play a role as well.

If you want to score the furthest distance in your game, you can achieve it with the right golf ball. So, which golf ball goes the farthest?

Which Golf Ball Goes the Farthest?

Across all brands, Titleist Velocity has been the top pick for many pro players. It has a new 350 Octahedral Dimple Pattern that gives golfers longer and higher ball flights. This feature encourages a constant ball trajectory too.

The next top pick is the Bridgestone series which also delivers good distance, especially the e6 and e12 golf balls. They allow you the option of having a soft or firmer feel, depending on your preference.

Which Golf Ball Brand Is Good for Distance?

Titleist is known for designing heavy-duty golf balls, while Bridgestone also claims to have unmatched balls when it comes to distance. Here are some of their designs that deliver in distance.

Titleist Velocity

Titleist Velocity has two interior elements: LXS Core and NaX+ Cover. The LXS Core is a type of high-speed technology that works well with long clubs, while the NaX+ Cover promotes a low spin from the tee.

Not to mention, the core has a mid-range compression that makes it suitable for different types of players.

Titleist Pro V1x

Unlike the Velocity model, Pro V1x has a 348 Tetrahedral Dimple Pattern. This difference gives golfers an alternative option for their trajectory. As a result, players can control when and where the ball spins as they swing their clubs.

What makes this ball go far is the light urethane shell that covers it. Off the tee, Titleist Pro V1x can reach up to 325 yards.

Bridgestone E6

Two of the Bridgestone e6 series are the e6 Soft and the e6 Speed. These two models are comparable in design, materials, and spin.

Both golf balls have three layers and have a cover made from Surlyn. They also offer a straighter flight because they have low spins.

The e6 Soft caters to golfers who want to minimize the spin and maximize the trajectory of the launch. It’s generally for those with lower swing speeds.

The great thing about its soft cover is that golfers can feel better around the green when playing. On the other hand, the e6 Speed has a firmer feel. It’s for anyone who has a higher swing speed.

However, this brand can scuff fast, especially when used a lot. A moderate scuff can easily take away 40 yards from your distance.

Bridgestone e12

Another golf ball from Bridgestone is its e12 model, particularly the e12 Contact. Thanks to its unique dimple design, there’s 38% more contact between the ball and the club.

While that may sound like nothing, this contact addition increases the energy transfer from the cover to the core. Plus, it gives a straighter ball flight and a reduced horizontal spin—either of which is ideal for achieving the optimal distance.

Which Durable Golf Ball Goes Far?

If you’re looking for a different brand that delivers in the distance, you can’t go wrong with Callaway. It’s a good brand when it comes to durability, too.

Callaway Warbird

The Callaway Warbird has a dual core that stands against the test of time.

The cover has durable materials that resist various kinds of scratches. That means you won’t need to change your golf ball very often.

Additionally, Callaway Warbird boasts its core’s strong rigidity. This firm core contributes to the ball’s shape and distance. Swinging your club against this ball can easily give you a few extra yards.

Plus, the inner and outer graphite coverings of the Callaway Warbird’s core offer optimal stability and reduce the ball’s overall weight.

Callaway Chrome Soft

Unlike most distance golf balls with only two-piece cores, Callaway Chrome Soft stands out with a four-piece core. This unique arrangement contains two soft layers in the middle and two more rigid layers.

The novel combination of soft and rigid layers creates an optimal cover that throws the ball farther, especially with longer clubs.

Which Affordable Golf Ball Goes Far?

If there are premium golf balls, there are also affordable ones. Vice and TaylorMade offer decent golf balls that deliver extra distance without being too heavy for your pockets.

Vice Tour

Vice produces golf balls that can help you reach a great distance—especially if you have a higher moment of inertia (MOI).

Vice Tour has a three-piece design with a Surlyn cover paired with 392 dimples on its surface. This aerodynamic design offers an excellent cover, particularly when you hit it with a driver. What’s more, you can get a good feel of the ball this way.

The Vice Tour golf ball also has excellent consistency regarding speed. Its fair performance on the greenside’s spin makes it easy to control.

So, not only does this ball go far, but it has enough spin for both amateur and professional players as well.

Vice Drive

Unlike Vice Tour, Vice Drive golf balls are only two-piece golf balls with 312 dimples on the surface. Still, they offer great consistency in ball flights and cover a decent distance.

Vice Drive is best for beginner golfers that need affordable balls that go far. With this ball, it won’t hurt to lose some during rounds.

TaylorMade Distance Plus

TaylorMade Distance Plus’ main feature is the ReactSpeed core combined with 342 dimpled patterns that create more momentum, thus driving the ball far.

Another feature of Distance Plus is the Plus Alignment Aid, which helps determine where to line up your putt. Distance Plus’ mid-compression rating makes it an excellent fit for golfers with low swing speed.

TaylorMade Project S

TaylorMade Project S comes as a three-piece ball and a high-tech Dual Distance core. This design combination lowers the overall ball compression but maintains consistent rebound and speed.

This ball’s cover is a soft and aerodynamic ionomer, creating a superb feel and more greenside speed.

Project S uses TaylorMade’s patented 342LDP technology that promotes less drag from the ball flight, which makes the golf ball go farther.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what golf balls to use can be a great tool to maximize distance. So, which golf ball goes the farthest?

With many reputable brands on the market, it can be hard to choose which is best. However, when it comes to going far, Titleist Velocity comes as the leading choice.

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