How To Fix A Golf Slice? 5 Simple Ways

A golf slice is one of the poorest shots you can make which happens when a sidespin is put on the golf ball. Golf slice not only misses right of the target but it causes a huge loss in distance.

For right handed players, the ball will curve away from the dominant hand, that is to the right. Whereas for left handed golfers, the ball will curve to the left.

One of the main reasons for a golf slice is poor control of the clubface as they have a tendency of opening. When a clubface opens it will almost always cause a slice as the clubface is alligned to the right of the target rather than the face pointing directly down the target line.

There are a few things we can do to gain better control over the clubface thereby eliminate slicing. These are:

  1. Control the clubface by strengthening your grip
  2. Control the clubface in the backswing
  3. Control the clubface through the golf shot
  4. Changing your path into the golf ball
  5. Know where you strike the clubface

Let us take a deeper look at these 5 fixes.

5 Simple Ways To Fix Your Golf Slice

1. Control the clubface by strengthening your grip

One thing that has the most influence on the clubface is how you hold the club. To prevent the club from opening you must strengthen your grip. Strengthening the grip will help you control the clubface thereby reducing the chances of slicing.

For right handed players, you want to strengthen the grip with your top hand (left hand). When you do this, you should see 2 to 3 knuckles on your left hand. That is going to help you control the clubface more to the left.

Your dominant hand or bottom hand should grip more to the side if not slightly underneath.

After adjusting your grip, you may see a shot that goes straight towards the left that is longer than your slice. Don’t worry as this is a good start in fixing your golf slice.

2. Control the clubface in the backswing

The backswing is the phase of your swing that takes place right after the takeaway that will bring your club up until it reaches the top of your swing. The backswing will dictate what the club will do on the downswing and whether the clubface is square, open or closed on impact.

To control the clubface in the backswing, you want to ensure that as you are taking the clubface away from the ball that the face is pointing downwards to the ground.

Slicers tend to point the face more upwards. You also want to ensure that you are bowing/bending your wrist to form an angle. That is going to have a stronger influence on the clubface and helps to fix the slice by hitting it more to the left. By making these few adjustmnt, you will hit the ball farther and you would be closer to fixing that slice.

3. Control the clubface through the golf shot

A lot of golfers who slice the golf ball have a tendency of opening the clubface through the shot.

Their arms will separate from each other and cause the clubface to open resulting in a curvature to the right.

To fix this, you must allow the face of the golf club to rotate. Your right forearm should cross over the left forearm as you follow through the downswing. Do not flick your wrist as this can cause inconsistency.

The image below shows the position that your arms should be in. Many, if not all of the top golf players in the world achieve this position during the swing.

4. Changing your path into the golf ball

Slicers will often swing across the golf ball or diagonally to the left. One tip that will fix this problem is to place a soft object on the ground to block the incorrect path (ideally not your mobile phone).

This help you correct your shot by allowing you to swing more to the right side instead. Hitting the ball with an inside path will encourage more of a draw golf shot. That will cause the shot to curve from the right to the left for right handed players thus allowing for a straight golf shot.

If you can blend that movement by what we’ve covered so far, you will dramatically start to see a different golf shot.

The key to remember is to hit more from the inside by putting a barrier down to prevent you from swingnig on the outside.

5. Know where you strike the clubface

Our last tip to help you fix your golf slice is to use powder spray on the clubface. This will let you know where you are striking the clubface.

When you use powder spray, it should leave back a white mist on the face of the club which will create the mark when the clubface makes impact with the golf ball.

Slicers will usually hit the heel side of the clubface because it’s the part of the golf club that is attached closest to the shaft. But if you want to fix the slice, you should not hit the heel because that will send the golf ball towards the right.

Instead, you want to hit in the middle or slightly more towards the toe. The reason is that the toe of the clubface are designed to help you shape the golf ball more from the right to left.

Therefore, the key is to set the golf ball towards the toe. If you can hit the toe as well as follow all our previous tips, you will absolutely fix your slice.

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