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Where Can I Buy a Golf Cart? 6 Top Golf Cart Nationwide Dealerships

So, you’ve finally decided to buy a golf cart. Have you decided on the dealership, the brand, or the model? Don’t panic; we’ve got your back.

Where can I buy a golf cart? There are many dealerships and brands to choose from. You can buy from a brand’s website, like Yamaha. Alternatively, you can buy from a dealership that sells used and new carts from different brands, like Freedom Golf Cars.

This article gives you an overview of nationwide dealerships where you can buy a golf cart from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are in the US.

6 Top Golf Cart Nationwide Dealerships

Following is a list of dealerships with nationwide branches or distributors. Each offers its distinct models and brands.

Golf Carts.Com

Golfcarts.com is a direct dealer from the factory, which helps you save the hundreds of dollars you may pay a mediator.

This dealership’s locations nationwide offers the best and most widespread customer service. They promise the strongest and quietest golf carts. Some of these vehicles can carry up to six people.

Golfcarts.com offers American-made carts that can be used for cruising across golf courses and neighborhoods or even hunting in the woods.

It offers high-quality electric golf carts that cater to different tastes and budgets. You can choose between four different models: Rookie, Pro, Legend, and Beast.

Club Car

Club Car allows you to pick a golf cart from its catalog or custom-make your own. It offers electric and gas golf carts to provide the highest quality and versatility.

This dealership offers top-notch golf carts that combine automotive-quality material with sleek designs and dynamic power. This makes its products among the best nationwide.

Moreover, it allows you to customize your golf cart to fit your style and needs.

Club Car serves people all across America through its widespread dealers nationwide. You can select your local dealer by inserting your location on the website. This allows you to choose your vehicle online or in-store.

If you choose to pick a ready-made model, the Onward Golf Cart line provides you with eight different models to choose from. There are also some special editions for extra unique vehicles.

In addition to the regular golf carts, this website offers two different series. It features a utility XRT series of three models ideal for rough terrain and a street-legal model to drive on public roads.

Yamaha Golf Car

Yamaha Golf Car is the manufacturer of the first lithium-ion-powered golf cart that comes with an independent rear suspension.

It allows you to choose from its products or customize your golf cart by picking from its wide array of accessories. This helps you create a unique personalized cart.

There are two series to choose from: Drive 2 and UMax. Drive 2 has three different models that can take from two to six passengers. It offers a smooth ride and caters to families.

On the other hand, UMax is ideal for hotels, resorts, or adventurers in general. It offers only two seats but a colossal cargo compartment that can take up to 300lbs.

In addition, Yamaha supplies the market with other product lines that cater to personal and commercial use, not for golf per se.

The website allows you to find the nearest dealer in your hometown. This lets you choose the model and accessories online before you head to the dealership.

American Carts

American Carts is a website that delivers right to your door for no additional charge. So if you decide to buy from this dealership, you’ll have your golf cart delivered anywhere in America, fully assembled and ready to rumble.

This company promises powerful electric and gas golf carts at affordable prices. It’s dedicated to giving you the best customer experience and the most efficient customer support.

There are several models to choose from, and the website employs a help team to assist you while making your decision.

For extra customer satisfaction, this company offers you a one-year bumper-to-bumper warranty on every product.

Moreover, American Carts allows you to add some features and accessories to its already set models. It also notifies you when the cart you pick is not street legal so that you make sure you’re buying the right vehicle.

The products on this website range from the average two-passenger golf cart to the hunting carts you use on rough terrains.

Freedom Golf Carts

Freedom Golf Carts sells new and used golf carts. For a delivery charge of $599, you get your golf cart delivered right to your door anywhere in the US.

This company promises no additional fees, including administrative or setup fees. It allows you to choose from different brands such as Yamaha, E-Z-GO, Evolution, and Icon electric vehicles.

Freedom Golf Carts promises you the best ongoing customer experience. The company offers assistance at every stage. The sales and support team helps you whether you’re exploring your options, customizing your vehicle, maintaining your golf cart, or even upgrading or reselling it.

Golf Cart Resources

Golf Cart Resources defines itself as a reliable authority in the world of golf carts. Although it’s not a dealership per se, it bridges the gap between buyers and sellers.

On this website, you can view thousands of listings divided geographically. Therefore, you can easily find a dealership near you.

You can buy and sell golf carts in every condition: used, refurbished, or new. The website also features full articles to help you choose.

The website offers listings of brands such as Yamaha, Club Car, Star EV, E-Z-GO, Tomberlin, and Garia, among others.

It promotes trust by offering listings only from reputable dealerships all across the United States. Whether you want to buy or sell a golf cart, Golf Cart Resources connects you directly with a dealer.


So, where can I buy a golf cart? Several trustworthy online sites help you get the vehicle of your dreams.

These websites fall into three different categories. Some of them allow you to purchase the vehicle directly and have it delivered to your door. Others are brand websites on which you explore your options before connecting you with a local dealership. The third group is where you find listings of different carts in dealerships nationwide.

No matter which site you choose to use, they’ll all help you buy a golf cart from the comfort of your home.



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